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O~3 Entertainment Launches New Age of Block Puzzlers in US for PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) System with Puzzle Scape

Immersive, addictive, entrancing, radically distinctive... Welcome to the next level of puzzle games. Welcome to the captivating world of Puzzle Scape.

Santa Clara, CA - November 8th, 2006 - O~3 Entertainment, an interactive entertainment publishing and distribution company, today announced that "Puzzle Scape," a new action block busting game for the PSP system, is scheduled to launch

next month for the US market. "Puzzle Scape" brings the puzzle game genre into a new age with appealing 3D visuals combined with addictive and fast-paced fun. "Puzzle Scape" is casual yet hard to put down and utilizes the power and visual performance of the PSP system.

Players arrange blocks of different colors into chains that are exploded by 2x2 same colored blocks. Eliminating the blocks creates level-ups and the player can gather a variety of power-ups by creating long chains. Level-ups introduce new elements into visually amazing background landscapes.

Game mode defines the rules of the game. In architect mode, the player tries to build objectives as fast as possible, and in artist mode, the goal is to play for survival and high score. In artist mode, the scenery is built according to how gamers play "Puzzle Scape," while the architect mode has pre-defined objectives.

There are four different themes: cells, flowers, machines and dreams. Both single player-modes can be played in cooperation or in Duel mode over wireless connection. "Puzzle Scape" also features up to eight -player multiplayer fun in Bomb Run mode,

where each player plays the same scene trying to be the first to destroy enough blocks to win the game. In addition, "Puzzle Scape" enables players to send the demo of the game to a friend.

"Puzzle Scape" has been developed by Farmind Ltd, a console game developer, utilizing 3D technology developed by Pixelgene Ltd. The game will be later available for Japan and Europe.

Game Features

Four unique themes with 40 scenes: World of "Puzzle Scape" features four different themes of interactive evolutionary backgrounds from cells to dream like landscapes. Two single-player challenges: Work your way through themes and scenes, level by level of addictive block busting fun in time and goal oriented Architect mode and score-oriented free play Artist mode. Two dual-player modes: Play co-op with your friend as Architect or Artist or compete against each other in Duel mode via wireless functionality. Two-to-eight player fun with Bomb Run: Fast paced multi-player fun via wireless against two-to-eight players. Save the achievement: Each scene can be saved for later viewing and can be used as a PSP system's wallpaper. Game sharing: A demo of the game can be sent to a friend over wireless functionality.

Warning: you are about to embark on a senses-shattering thrill ride filled with luscious beats, hypnotic colors and mesmerizing game play. Enter at your own bliss!

About Farmind Ltd

Farmind is a console game development studio specializing in casual handheld console games. The studio is comprised of experienced designers, artists, programmers and producers with vision and innovation. Farmind is a privately owned company founded in 2005, and is based in Oulu, Finland.

For more information on Farmind, please contact:

Ari Kangasniemi

Chief Executive Officer

+358 45 137 9213

About Pixelgene Ltd

Pixelgene is a fully owned subsidiary of Rovio Mobile Ltd. Pixelgene is a 3D software developer for portable gaming devices. Pixelgene's proprietary game development platform is specially tuned for mobile 3D, and supports Java, BREW, and Symbian. Pixelgene was founded in 2004, and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

For more information and queries on Pixelgene, please contact:

Fernando Herrera

Chief Executive Officer

+358 40 768 0777

About O~3

O~3 Entertainment is an interactive publishing and distribution company established to bring dynamic videogames from independent studios located all over the world to the retail marketplace. The company was founded by a group of highly-experienced game industry veterans. O~3 Entertainment is based in Santa Clara, California. For more information visit


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