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Gunbound publisher launches payment gateway service in Central and South America.

(2010/10/20, Seoul, Korea) – Softnyx(inc), currently servicing Gunbound, Rakion, and Wolfteam (CEO Jin Ho Kim) has opened•started management of a Payment Gateway NyxBerry service for the first time in the world in Central and South America, in November, 2009. The Central and South America district consisting of a Spanish using market withholds populace of around 350 million, attracting interest as a rising new market with great potentials, compared to markets of South East Asia• other districts.

The Central and South American market still lacks economic development and internet related infra, but it is expected that the potentials of growth in the online game market will be very large, due to the increasing number of PC rooms in related countries such as Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, and decreased price competitiveness of console game devices(PS3, Xbox, etc) due the high population share of low age groups and import tariffs. Softnyx (inc)’s Gunbound has especially come to be called the ‘national game’, and has become a new game•culture trend.

At the beginning of the market, there were strong resistances to the charging of online game services, but with Softnyx’s settlement system getting favorable reputations in the market, in the present, the part charging policy has become to be recognized as a natural phenomenon. Softnyx (inc), which has succeeded in settling an online game part charging service in the Central and South American market, is preparing to rise as the best internet game portal in South America, based on a sturdy user pool(more than 200 thousand visitors per month), partnership with distribution channels through advance payment cards, and competitiveness acquired from settlement networks with 23 countries.

The Payment Gateway NyxBerry settlement system which has begun its services in November, 2009, is planning to widen its services from the present charging system of making deposits without bankbooks; to an advance payment card system in November, 2010; to settlement methods through internet cafes, in 2011. The chargeable games through NyxBerry are at the present, Lunia, Tribales, The West, Grepolis, Atlantica, Luminary, Wonderking, and more are to be applied with the services, including Fantasia, Shaiya, etc.

The settlement distribution site of Softnyx (inc), is presently under active transaction, getting warm welcome from both sides of the transaction; to users who had hardships in making settlements through cellular phone charges or credit cards, and to the game corporation who had its problems with the distribution of the settlement system and acquiring profit through it.  

About Softnyx

Softnyx (inc), currently developing•servicing Gunbound, Wolfteam, and Rakion, has begun its global services from 2003, in languages of English, Spanish, and Arabic. Gunbound is called a national game in South America, and has a firm status of the most popular online game. It has more than 5000 thousand global users, has become a popular online game portal in the South American district, and has a bank settlement•advance payment distribution channel in 6 Central and South American countries including Peru.

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