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NVIDIA launches '3D PC' initiative

Partners with Dell, Microsoft, Asus to promote 3D gaming

Hot on the heels of Sony's 3D gaming launch for PlayStation 3, NVIDIA is attempting to introduce what it calls the '3D PC.'

While its specifications for 3D PCs do not include any hardware that was not previously available, its focus is on selling bundles of a base unit with a compatible graphics card, 120Hz monitor and active-shutter glasses. Sony's 3D Bravia TVs will also be suitable.

A number of hardware manufacturers, including Dell, Asus, Toshiba and Alienware, will provide suitable systems. Online UK retailers Mesh, Scan, Overclockers and Novatech will feature a new 3D PC category on their consumer sites, selling complete systems as well as 3D-branded components.

Prices for desktop bundles start at around £1500, reaching as high as £3400. The first 3D-capable laptop, the ASUS G51, was released several months ago, with two more due within weeks.

While several 3D solutions are available, NVIDIA is keen to posit its GeForce GPUs and 3D Vision glasses as a leading option. Though arguably less elegant to set up than on console, 3D gaming is currently rather more ensconced on PC, thanks to a variety of official and unofficial modifications to many recent games.

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