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NubyTech makes Japanese debut at Tokyo Game Show

Licensed peripheral manufacturer NubyTech has announced its presence at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show (TGS). This will be the Los Angeles-based company's first appearance at the show, and the firm is hoping to make serious impact on what it perceives as a highly lucrative market.

Paul Chen, President and COO of NubyTech stated "Japan is a highly competitive market that is coveted by many peripheral manufacturers." Intent on revealing an entirely new range of peripherals at the show, NubyTech announced that the new line will be exclusively for the Japanese market.

"We feel that this specific line of products will do well in the Japanese market, and exposing them to the public at the Tokyo Game Show will open many attendees' eyes to creative and innovative controllers they might not have known existed," Chen commented.

Founded in 1989, NubyTech produces licensed peripherals and accessories for the videogame industry. Working with Capcom, Ubisoft, Midway, Tecmo and more, the company currently holds over 20 licenses.

No details regarding the new products have been released. However, the full range will be on display at TGS on September 16th-18th, where NubyTech can be found at booth 4-N8.