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NTI*: Where two worlds collide

First we played the game of the film, then we watched the film of the game…

28 June 2005 05/51

In a first for the bfi National Film Theatre (NFT), we are delighted to present a groundbreaking exploration of the boundaries between videogames and film with NTI* (*non-trivial interaction). In a joint presentation with RES, NTI* takes place over the weekend of 9 and 10 July and examines the complex and growing relationship between the two genres and the groundbreaking possibilities it creates. The weekend features talks, exclusive previews of forthcoming games and films, live cinematic-sized game play in a classic arcade, machinima screenings and discussions with industry leaders.

NFT Artistic Director, Eddie Berg, said: "NTI* starts from the position that games are culturally important not only because of their huge economic significance, but because they are becoming embedded in our everyday lives. The bfi recognises the importance of videogames as a means of expression and in supporting NTI* we are placing ourselves at the forefront of discussions of contemporary digital culture."

As the games industry moves towards legitimisation and acceptance within mainstream culture, this landmark programme of events at the NFT (curated by independent videogames author and columnist Iain Simons), offers a unique opportunity to investigate the rich mix of ideas, technology and genius fuelling leading-edge game and film innovation today.

We are thrilled that Oscar-winning screenwriter, director and dedicated gamer Roger Avary will be a guest at NTI* to discuss The Rules of Adaptation and his current film adaptation of the horror game classic Silent Hill.

For gamers, the participation of Valve, pioneers of new facial animation techniques and six-time BAFTA award winners, offers a rare opportunity to get an insight into the team's work and processes. Bill van Buren, choreography director of Half-Life 2 introduces Written All Over Your Face to demonstrate what the new techniques mean to videogame storytelling.

Peter Molyneaux, OBE, one of the best-known and innovative designers in the history of videogames, presents The Trailer and argues that not only are games a legitimate area of popular art culture - they may also be an art form. As well as chairing a specially invited NTI* panel to discuss this topic, Molyneaux will also unveil one of the first public looks at his forthcoming game The Movies.

Lego Star Wars: The Videogame was one of the most fascinating movie tie-ins of recent years. Jonathan Smith, development director of Giant Entertainment, offers an insider's view of what it means to play with Star Wars and the business of making a game from such a famous movie. In a second session - Rough Cuts: NTI* - Smith also explores careers in video gaming with a special ticket price of £2 for 16-24 years olds.

Jamie Fristrom, creative director of Spider-Man 3, looks at The Action Movie Aesthetic and the race between Hollywood and videogames to create the greatest dramatic action sequences. Senior lecturer in media studies at Bath Spa University, Dr James Newman discusses making James Bond interactive with the developers of Goldeneye and other 007 videogames.

Lara Croft transcended her digital beginnings to become a film star and pop culture icon: Ian Livingstone, creative director of Eidos Interactive (Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Hotman) gives a candid account of this journey as an introduction to an NTI* panel discussion exploring the convergence of these two worlds.

Reflecting yet another facet of game culture is photographer Jon Jordan. Keep an eye out for his unique images of the faces of gamers during play.

Finally, where would a games weekend be without play? NTI* is promoting inclusive events for the culturally curious - not just hard core gamers - ranging from a subversive, radical and entertaining look at modding, machinima and design, to videogame set-ups including a back-projected Star Wars trilogy, an authentic sit-in Star Wars cockpit cab, House of the Dead and Area 51.

As well as a selection of the greatest game and film licenses of all time, our specially constructed video arcade will run all weekend and feature the games being highlighted during the event. The arcade will also house retro and contemporary arcade machines and home platforms.

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