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nProtect GameGuard

Keeping it safe for online gamers by thwarting hackers in around 100 games worldwide.

Website :

System Requirements

- Server

Any WEB Server supporting WEB

- Client

OS : Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

System : Intel Pentium 133MHz

Memory : 32MB Minimum

First library drive : 1.2M Maximum

About nProtect GameGuard

Online games have changed from a device for pure entertainment to a part of internet society consisting of five hundred thousand people connected 24 hours, and the huge community is still in the process of growing.

nProtect GameGuard protects the users from illegal manipulations, viruses and malignant codes by blocking various cheats and hacking programs. This provides the game service suppliers a safe game playing environment, minimizing the outflow of incomes and assets.

nProtect GameGuard is being accepted as the number one global market share holder by various corporations, and has already been distributed globally in around 100 games in 250 different game clients, providing approximately 100 thousand end-users' PCs safe gaming environment.

Why nProtect GameGuard?


Rapidly growing illegal online hacking tools has reached the point to harm the game industry and is being recognized as a criminal act. Recently, hacking attacks trying to obtain game items to trade for cash has occurred, attacking not only game companies like in the past but also stealing and abusing information of individual PC users, and therefore, general users are also being exposed to the dangers of hacking.

- Private data outflow - Legal problems

- Game's imbalance - Users' upset

- Unnecessary server load - User complaints and higher maintenance cost

- Faster character growth - Game's lifecycle shortened

* Benefits

• Provides user security policy in Internet service

• Covers the vulnerability of Internet service

• Enjoys marketing effects by protecting clients against online crimes

• Auto-update enables prompt response against new hacking tools and viruses

• Reduces maintenance cost for client security

• Increases clients' loyalty among users by providing a high-quality security system

• Prepare against new danger factors through consistent service management

Special Features of nProtect GameGuard

*Provides stable security service for online games

Having the longest experience and accumulated know-hows in the game security industry, nProtect GameGuard possesses database on game hacks based on security references from around 100 online games consisting of approximately 260 game clients. Therefore, nProtect GameGuard provides most stable and fast counteraction against new hacking tools and viruses in various game genres such as MMORPG, racing and casual games.

*Blocks hacking tool technologies for fair game plays

nProtect GameGuard blocks critical functions of online game hacking tools, disabling the attempts to hack from the basis. This function of GameGuard minimizes the harms done to the general users from the users who attempt to hack games illegally. As a result increase of users who try to illegally hack games will be stopped and the damages that games will receive due to hacking tools will be minimized.

*Blocks online outflow of personal information

nProtect GameGuard has its own vaccine engine, blocking personal information stealing malignant tools such as keyloggers or backdoor programs. This function of GameGuard provides high-quality security services to protect users' personal information from the hackers trying to illegally abuse other peoples' personal information.

*A security solution pursuing high-end functions and fast counteractions

GameGuard engine will be updated automatically to the latest version when the game is run. The latest hacking prevention technologies will be applied in GameGuard through automatic updates, protecting the users' PC from fast evolving hacking technologies and viruses.

*Real-time hacking tool blocking

nProtect GameGuard will not only diagnose various patterns latest hacking tools that can harm games, but also memory debugging prevention technology will be applied, completely blocking hacking tools through real-time hacking tool monitoring and blocking function.

*Blocks hacking attacks through memory scan

nProtect Gameguard will not only protect games by blocking access to the memories which the game program is using from other programs, but also, it will diagnose malignant codes(viruses, backdoors, Trojans) that are running in the users memory, allowing the game user to enjoy the game safe from hacking attempts.

*Real-time server authentication

nProtect GameGuard constantly communicates with the game server and checks whether GameGuard is functioning correctly and whether the version of GameGuard is correct. This function will prevent hacking attempts that try to hack game clients and disable GameGuard functions by detecting the attempts in the game server.

*Provides packet encryption service

nProtect GameGuard provides public key based packet encryption module. This service not only provides basic packet encryption but also protects game packets by checking for packet variations or duplications.

*Proxy server prevention function

nProtect GameGuard can block attempts to detour game servers by using proxy server settings. This function will block users who try to connect to the game server by faking connection IP addresses. Therefore, GameGuard will diagnose connection status real-time, and will detect hack whenever the connected IP address is not a confirmed one.

*Log server

You can collect and receive report on hacking attempts that nProtect GameGuard has blocked real-time. This will help you to understand the latest hacking trends and counteract effectively according to the information that has been received.

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