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Now Recruiting! Pre-Sell Campaign For K2 Network's War Rock Under Way

Gamers can get Exclusive Weapons and More by Pre-Ordering Now at Select Retailer Outlets

Elephant Entertainment will publish War Rock for retail marketplace

IRVINE, Calif. - January 11, 2007 - K2 Network, Inc. (, an online game community service company, in partnership with Elephant Entertainment LLC, a newly formed games and videogame publisher, have announced the details of its pre-order campaign for its upcoming and highly-anticipated modern tactical shooter, War Rock. ( The pre-order campaign includes exclusive in-game items and features offered through select & leading game retailers in the US and Canada. The final version of War Rock will launch the week of Feb 6th, 2007 in the U.S and Canada, as well as specific European territories.

When gamers pre-order War Rock at one of the participating retailers, in addition to securing a copy of the game the day it launches in stores, they will be provided with a special code that can be applied to existing War Rock beta accounts. The code will give players an exclusive 8th Slot Weapon (these exclusive weapons vary by retailer and include a Gatling gun, M60 and more).

Players will also receive exclusive in-game items including red smoke grenades, upgraded medical kits, 100,000 bonus Dinar, and the reservation of an in-game name for the official commercial launch of War Rock. The final retail copy of the game will also include a flip-style map book and collectible military-style War Rock dog tags.

"The pre-order campaign for War Rock has just started we are already seeing great results," said K2 Network's Matt Norton, producer of War Rock. "The game is one of the top downloads on Fileplanet and CNET. That coupled with great early pre-order results has us very excited for the official launch of the game. "

"The unique gameplay elements and exclusive in-game features are clearly resonating well with gamers, as evidenced by the great reception we are seeing to the pre-sell campaign at the participating retailers", said Elephant Entertainment's President/CEO, Wim Stocks. "All signs are pointing to a highly anticipated launch by the gaming community, and we are thrilled to be offering this great and new proposition for all gamers and FPS fans!"

For players new to the FPS world, this modern tactical shooter's action-packed gameplay has been structured with an easy learning curve. For the expert FPS fans, variety of game-play -- from small squad level close quarters combat to medium-sized urban conflicts to huge multi-squad and vehicle operations -- provides a deep gameplay experience.

War Rock was created by South Korean developer Dream Execution Technology Co., Ltd., a development studio that focuses on game engine and online game development. Dream Execution Technology is the creator of the Jindo Engine, a patented game engine used in War Rock. More information on Dream Execution Technology can be found at

The game is scheduled to go commercial February 6, 2007. For continuous updates, or to play the beta version, visit the War Rock Web site at

About Elephant Entertainment

Elephant Entertainment LLC is a new game and entertainment publishing company, specializing in bringing to the retail marketplace new and innovative game and entertainment content, achieved via unique and compelling retail distribution and consumer availability models, encompassing accessibility both in-store and on-line. Elephant Entertainment publishes within the spectrum of gaming experiences, from casual games to massively multiplayer experiences, publishing on all major gaming platforms. Elephant Entertainment is proudly headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, home of The Replacements, Prince, Tapes and Tapes, The Minnesota Twins, and Brit's Pub and Eating Establishment, with branch offices in Chicago, Seattle, NYC, Dallas, and London. The Elephant Entertainment website ( is currently under construction.

About K2 Network

K2 Network, an online game community service company, publishes and services highly engaging online games and cultivates dynamic player environments. The company puts "Gamers First" with compelling titles, exciting communities, creative pricing models, quality customer service, and frequent updates based on user requests. K2 Network currently offers War Rock, Knight Online, Global MU Online and Golf King. Company headquarters are in Irvine, Calif. More information can be found at

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