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Now Hiring: Glow Worm Magicians

Firefly-morphing shareware puzzler.

For Immediate Release

April 27th, 2005 (Phoenix, AZ) - Flashbang Studios ( has announced it is now hiring Glow Worm Magicians for their just-released game Glow Worm for the PC. No experience necessary, Glow Worm is easy to learn and fun for the whole family. With dazzling arrays of colors and sounds you must morph your worms into fireflies and save your fellow imprisoned creatures!

Transform your glow worms by placing four or more worms of the same type near each other. Glow worm types are indicated by their color, but be careful! Each glow worm has spots that indicate what type of firefly it will morph into. Plan ahead and chain together morphs that will result in combos for bonus points! Free imprisoned worms and fireflies, destroy bushes and walls, and meet a variety of friendly garden creatures such as bomb bugs.

Over 150 levels of Glow Worm await your magical touch, each with a unique puzzle to be solved. In Glow Worm there are three game types, classic, adventure, and puzzle. Each game mode is an entirely unique experience. Classic mode features a requirement to clear each level of tiles by using your glow worm's morph to destroy them. Adventure mode plays a little like Tetris and follows a worm's journey across the land. Puzzle mode is a brain testing challenge where you must utilize combos to reach a certain score; defeating puzzle levels unlocks new puzzles. Each mode is a new challenge that will keep you practicing your magic for hours on end.

Flash! Bang! You have the magic! Come join Flashbang Studios and the magic of Glow Worm. The free demo is available from their website at for apprentices and masters alike.

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