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Now Boarding

Trailer released for airport tycoon game.


Olive Hill, KY - October 30, 2008

Gabob LLC, an independent game developer, today released the game trailer for Now Boarding, an action-tycoon game. The trailer offers an brief introduction to Now Boarding and the various roles of building and running a successful airport.

In Now Boarding, passengers must get to various destinations before they freak out. The game showcases an innovative 'pickup-and-deliver' gameplay, and a diverse set of modes and achievements to unlock. The player also renovates the terminal, hires employees and expands the airline across the US and Europe.

Trailer is available at The trailer is embeddable in any website courtesy of

Now Boarding runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, using Adobe's groundbreaking AIR platform.

Pricing and Availability: $16.99 USD as digital download purchase at Free demo available.

Gabob LLC is a game studio dedicated to making fun and innovative games that do more than just entertain.

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