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Now Accepting Game Submissions for Distribution at Casuality Europe

Details announced for developers and publishers looking to distribute pre-release and finished games to distributors and publishers at Casuality Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands - December 13th, 2005 - Today the Casual Games Association announced that Casuality Europe: A Conference for Casual Game Developers, Publishers and Distributors is now accepting submissions for Minna Games, a collection of pre-release and finished games looking for feedback, publishing or distribution.

The Minna Games CD will be distributed to everyone attending Casuality Europe, which includes representatives of all the major publishers and distributors of casual game content.

"RealArcade is looking to expand content acquisition efforts to form direct relationships with game development and publishing companies in Europe" said Daniel Prigg Sr Manager Developer Relations at RealNetworks, "We are thrilled for the opportunity Casuality Europe provides us to evaluate new content for distribution on our network and meet with European developers."

Europe has a wealth of independent game developers that provide PC, Xbox Live Arcade and mobile content for portals both in Europe, Asia and the United States. The Minna Games CD will provide a method by which independent developers may increase the exposure for their game titles to key publishers and distributors in the casual games industry. Independent developers may submit games to the Minna Games CD even if they are unable to make a trip to Amsterdam for Casuality Europe.

"Securing broad distribution for independently developed titles is a real challenge for independent developers" said Jay Moore, Business Development at Garage Games, "Securing a wide reach of exposure for games will increase the chances of securing publishing and distribution contracts."

For more information on submitting your games to the Minna Games CD can be found at CD production is provided by and Macrovision is providing the ActiveMARK DRM solution free of charge for developers to protect their content for the CD.

Casuality Europe is made possible by the support of:

MidasPlayer, PopCap Games, Zylom, Boonty, RealArcade, MSN Casual Games, Mumbo Jumbo,, Wanadoo, Macrovision, Keyfactor, GameDaily.

About Casuality Europe:

Casuality Europe is designed for industry professionals, industry executives, and professionals interested in creating, marketing and distributing games for everyone. The event will allow plenty of opportunities for networking and meetings as well as detailed and informative workshops for those looking to expand their knowledge of casual games. Conference content will be specifically targeted at those with five or more years of professional experience in business development, production, design or engineering.

For more information please contact:

Christine Souliere

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