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NotPlanA - Elite Pinball HD

Promising memories of yesteryear on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Elite Pinball HD is classic Pinball at its finest; it serves up a big portion of fun and addictive gameplay that will bring back memories of yesteryear. Explore the table through challenging and rewarding missions to prepare for an encounter with one of the strongest and toughest foes of the game, the elite boss! Save top scores, gain bonus balls, and warp into a new era of HD pinball.

Nampa, ID – NotPlanA subsidiary FrozenSoft’s Frozen North division is pleased to announce Elite Pinball HD (EPHD), a new pinball game that will bring back memories of playing pinball at the local arcade or possibly playing pinball classics on the PC. The focus was fun addictive gameplay when designing the pinball table and missions the player will experience.

The player will progress through several challenging and rewarding missions. When a player completes a mission they will be rewarded with a mission bonus and will have the opportunity to progress to the next mission. The final mission puts the player in a battle with an elite boss. Upon defeating the boss a point’s multiplier is increased which allows the player to rack up more points!

This pinball game has some unique features that aren’t found in all pinball games. You will have full analog control of 6 flippers (3 on each side) to help control the ball and complete missions. There are multiple warp zones on the table to help complete missions, and you may find that your ball warps to a unexpected location. Bonus balls are awarded when a player attains certain amounts of points to help them keep progressing.

Players will have the opportunity to play a trial of EPHD for free. The trial limits the number of missions, limits gameplay time, doesn’t allow high scores to be saved, and doesn’t reward the player with bonus balls. All of these things can be easily unlocked, even during gameplay, for 80 MSP!

Elite Pinball HD is powered by the Torque X 2D Community Enhanced Version (CEV), which helped speed the development time of the project. The team consists of two core individuals, Chris Hubler – Art & Design, and Josh Neider – Programming & Marketing. This team has also developed Zombie Sniper HD and Dreams of Witchtown for Xbox 360 Live Arcade Indie Games.

Elite Pinball HD will be available as an Xbox 360 Live Arcade Indie Game. For more details about purchasing the game please visit: http://marketplace.xbox.com/games/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802585506c8 ; the official trailer can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDjeHkir5f8

Contact: Josh Neider joshery@msn.com 

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