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Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy

iPhone adaptation of PC/Mac adventure to be released before the world ends in 2012.

Montreuil, December 23, 2010. With 2012 rapidly approaching, Anuman Interactive announces the release of “Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy” on iPhone.

Born in 1503, Michel de Nostredame (known as Nostradamus) was a French apothecary and astrologer famous for his many prophecies on the ways of the world (including the infamous prediction of the end of the world in the year 2012).

Following the success of the PC and Mac versions, Anuman Interactive now presents the adaptation of “Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy” for iPhone and iPod Touch. Reworked to fit the screen size and features of the Apple device, this new version has been designed for adventure game fans in search of riddles, mysteries and investigations to be enjoyed when on the move.

The story is set in 1566, with Catherine de’ Medici asking a tired and sick Nostradamus to put an end to a family curse. This marks the start of a disturbing investigation for Madeleine, Nostradamus’ daughter, in which political plots, mystical prophecies, dark murders and unusual destinies are strangely entwined.

As the story progresses (corresponding to 5 days of investigation), the player and Madeleine find themselves in a scenario packed with new developments and dozens of riddles based on astrology and chemistry (preparation of potions), alchemy and runic symbols. The interface has been completely reworked to suit the iPhone. Using the touch screen, the first-person player moves through photorealistic environments, such as Nostradamus’s home, or the Medici stronghold, and manages an inventory used for collecting objects throughout the adventure.

Madeleine, a female detective, has to disguise herself (as her brother Cesar) to carry out some investigations. For this, she has her own detective kit (scissors, compass, plume, quill, magnifying glass…) which enables her to retouch certain objects (for example, a wig for creating moustaches and a beard) and collect clues at crime scenes. The interface also enables her to consult her journal, in which she makes notes of her deductions and which provides the player with valuable details about the story.

At any time, the player is able to consult the list of “recipes” collected during the investigations, offering the chance to create, in Nostradamus’s laboratory, the various potions needed to move the investigation forward and solve certain riddles.

Players can also access the configurable help system (via the “Options” section), which allows the player to adjust the game’s level of difficulty.

Eric Nguyen, Marketing Director of Anuman Interactive, the Microids brand’s publisher, explains that “in the same way as "Dracula: The Path of the Dragon”, “Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy” is an adventure game which will put the player’s scientific and mystical knowledge to the test with the many well-thought-out riddles. Nevertheless, this adaptation for mobile is also an opportunity for us to target a much wider audience. The configurable help system will enable users to adapt the difficulty of the adventure and provides instructions for those who want to enjoy the story more than the actual challenge itself. Whatever the case, we are convinced that Nostradamus’s story will find fans on iPhone and iPod Touch, as it did when it was released on PC and Mac”.

The application “Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy” has been available since December 21 from the Global App Store under the “Games” section for $0.99

“Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy – Episode 1”

Price: $0.99 (Winter offer)

Size: 547 Mb

Link Global App Store:

“Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy – Episode 1”

Price: $2.99

Size: 547 Mb

Link Global App Store: Available in 2011

The key characters in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy


62 years old, Nostradamus is tired and feels that the end is drawing near. A pharmacist, doctor and astrologer, he has devoted his whole life to fighting the many plague epidemics which ravaged France in the 16th century. For years, Nostradamus has also been forced to fight those who have accused him of heresy, those jealous of his success, who have attempted to find ways to discredit him. Therefore, it is a tired, but upright, man, no doubt very removed from the image of the sorcerer often attributed to him, that Queen Catherine visits in March 1566.

The discovery of a strange small stone a few weeks earlier coincides with a worsening of Nostradamus’ condition, preventing him from answering the call of Catherine de’ Medici, whom he has advised as astrologer and doctor for many years.

In his place he sends Madeleine, his eldest daughter

However, despite his poor health, Nostradamus does everything he can to help the young woman, who he believes increasingly takes after him, and for whom he has always suspected an unusual fate.


The adventure’s heroine, portrayed by the player in the first person, is, by definition, a changing character: thanks to the “fardements” disguises developed by Nostradamus, she is able to change gender as she wishes.

She conducts her investigation at the castle either as Madeleine, or as Cesar, trying to get the most out of the two identities.

More interested in logic than in superstition, she quickly understands that she is on the trail of a murderer who is taking advantage of the queen’s belief in astrology in order to hide his crimes behind catastrophic prophecies.

In addition to this search, Madeleine also finds that her own beliefs are shaken by recurring and mysterious visions of temples, Celts, sacrifices and treasure. And what if everything really was all related, the past, the present and the future with all its uncertainties? The French crown may be in danger, but the stars do not yet appear to be decided...

Catherine de’ Medici

The daughter of Lorenzo di Piero de’ Medici and Madeleine de la Tour d’Auvergne, Catherine de’ Medici, the Queen, and later, Regent of France, is a major figure of the 16th century.

Despite being depicted very often as a harsh and severe character, Catherine de’ Medici spent her whole life fighting against the wars of religion, although the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre would fuel the "dark legend” associated with her.

A fervent believer in astrology, she had the birth charts of her children drawn up by Nostradamus and hoped that the astrologer’s son, Cesar, would be able to cast light on the many episodes in the life of the royal family and its loved ones.

Catherine is a very intelligent woman, both hard and dangerous, but she is also someone with strong beliefs, especially when it comes to the future of her children, which sometimes make her weak and even gullible.

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