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Nostale Global

Eight maps to gets a graphical overhaul this Wednesday, along with updated NPC and dungeon locations.

(June 22nd 2009) Nostale : Global has announced that some of its maps will receive a graphical overhaul as part of the coming update. To be applied on 24th June, this renewal update contains new designs and styles for the maps as well as modified NPC locations, new locations of instance dungeons and different spawn areas for monsters. The update will be initially applied to 8 maps.

The changes begin right from Milano Village, the starting point of the game; the aim here being to provide a better visual connection between the game's story and the in-game atmosphere when the game is started.

Also, maps such as Morning Prairie will have their quest structures simplified and made more convenient. Servex, the Publisher of Nostale:Global, says that this update will greatly increase the fun and appeal of Nostale, as gamers will now be able to better enjoy the delights of stylish and convenient gameplay.

Players who are interested in Nostale:Global and its recent changes can download the game from -

The official game web site can be found at

About Nostale : Global

Nostale drives you to the wonderful world of Eastmile which is filled with adventures and fun. Featuring cute and lovable characters which are classified into 4 classes as Adventurer, Swordsman, Archer and Sorcerer. Nostale is a newbie friendly with easy game play at the begining and gets challenging as you go higher in level.

Nostale also has an unique concept of ownership in which your provided a private area called Miniland. The miniland can be decorated with items like flowers, trees, lamps, etc which can be bought from the NPC in town. This makes a pleasant hangout spot with your friends in game or chill out when your tired of hunting mosnters. Miniland also serves the purpose of storing your items using a warehouse.

Hunting with friends is where real fun lies, so the raid system in Nostale fullfills this fun for the gamers. The various raids and the rewards infact makes it more interesting and make gamers go for more raids. These raids features tough monsters and a boss monster at the end which requires team work and stratergy to complete it. Every raid is uniques for its monsters, maps and rewards. Tougher the raid better you get rewarded. The raid system also has level limits where high level players get to go for challenging raids with deadly monsters.

About Servex.

Servex Co., Ltd is a Seoul based online game publishing enterprise provides gaming experience online for the gamers around the world. Specialized in publishing and intergrated marketing solutions for Massively Multiplayer Online Games. Servex also provides online game operation service for leading game development companies with its operation team based in Chennai, India.

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