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Nokia revolutionizes gaming with PC-mobile phone cross-platform Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Singapore, 10 Mar 2005 - Nokia today announced the development of a revolutionary PC-mobile phone cross-platform Symbian game. Created by Nokia for promotion in the Asia-Pacific region, and developed by Singapore-based Activate Interactive, HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion is a Mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Game (3MOG) that allows gamers to play simultaneously with tens of thousands of others using either their Nokia N-Gage gamedeck or their PC.

"HinterWars represents an all-new gaming concept that for the first time brings together the two most popular gaming platforms - the mobile phone and the PC," said Mr Rick Gawdat, Head of Games, Nokia Multimedia, Asia-Pacific. "Moreover, the rich features, persistent and real-time environments - and the sheer fact that tens of thousands of players can play at the same time - are indicative of a truly compelling game that will be a hit amongst gamers across the Asia-Pacific region."

"What's even more appealing is the true mobility that HinterWars offers gamers," added Mr Gawdat. "When they're at home or not on the move, they can play HinterWars on their PCs, but when they're out, or traveling in the bus, train or taxi, they can continue playing the game on their N-Gage gamedeck."

HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion was derived from an original storyline that revolves around a group of space-faring races that face the possibility of being invaded by the Aterians. The game features four broad character types - the Humans, Firans, Brucians and Taikuus - whose costumes, appearances and armour can be customized according to each player's specifications. The game also allows interaction between players such as broadcast and private chat, trading of items and teaming up for conquests. Successes are rewarded by new downloads, rare items, additional power and experience, virtual cash rewards - and ultimately, fame within the HinterWars gaming community.

Players can download the HinterWars client for free onto their MMC card or PC from the official game website Once the client is installed, the game can be shared with other gamers using the N-Gage gamedeck with a MMC card. Players can then connect to the HinterWars universe to create their character and embark on quests and adventures that will build their character. Playing the game on the N-Gage gamedeck gives gamers access to more attractive in-game features than using the PC, such as special items like accessories and armour, and extra experience points that contribute towards skills and overall game ranking.

"Activate is excited to work together with Nokia in this innovative game which we believe will transform online and mobile gaming, and provides gamers with exceptional entertainment experiences," said Leslie Wou, CEO of Activate Interactive, developer of the game. "HinterWars offers unique cross-platform game play options, and would fascinate gamers with its immersive game world, vibrant characters and exciting adventures."

"Activate is passionate in developing captivating games that can be enjoyed across different platforms. A leader in mobile gaming, Nokia is a great partner to work with and the N-gage gamedeck is a perfect device for Activate's cross-platform multiplayer gaming technology," added Mr Wou.

The PC and mobile phone client for the final and ready-to-play version of HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion is expected to be available for download free of charge in the fourth quarter of 2005.

About N-Gage

The N-Gage game deck is an innovative mobile device that is creating an entirely new market for the games industry. Built for active gamers, the N-Gage platform is the first mobile and connected game deck to feature online high-quality 3D multiplayer game play over Bluetooth wireless technology and GPRS. The N-Gage device also offers unique online games services as well as a comprehensive and growing games catalogue from the leading game publishers. Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications.

About Activate Interactive

Activate is a leading developer of cross-media games and entertainment applications that are integrated across mobile, PC and TV, providing compelling experiences for users with any device, at any location. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Singapore, Activate's cutting-edge technology and innovations have enabled the company to be profitable from the beginning, and have positioned the company to be a world-leading pioneer in interactive cross-media entertainment.

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