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Nokia partners with ATI for mobile entertainment

Multimedia software development kit in production

Mobile giant Nokia has announced a new strategic partnership with leading graphics processor manufacturer ATI, designed to facilitate the rapid growth of advanced mobile games and entertainment.

The two firms will be working closely on the development of high quality multimedia experiences including 3D gaming, mobile TV and video streaming, music playback and more, aiming to make development as simple as possible for third parties through the promotion of open standards and the provision of integrated hardware, software and development tools.

Nokia's SVP of multimedia experiences, Ilkka Raiskinen, commented: "Working with ATI underscores the commitment that Nokia has in providing unparalleled mobile multimedia experiences to consumers. With the mobile device now at the centre of people's lives, we want people to have access to fantastic mobile content when and where they want. We are announcing our collaboration with ATI now, so that developers have the next 12 to 18 months to be innovative and create world class mobile multimedia experiences."

ATI has stated that the company aims to provide a series of dedicated tools and developer aids, including a specifically created SDK in autumn, and the two firms will be cementing their new relationship with the provision of a selection of joint workshops in the second half of the year, to showcase the environment to key developers and spur the industry towards collaborative growth and innovation in all areas of wireless content.

"Our role is to enable all content, from ultra-high quality music playback to 3D gaming, and we'll jointly guide and support the members of the content development community as they focus on creating amazing user experiences," added Paul Dal Santo, VP and GM of handheld products at ATI. "With a shared vision of how multimedia impacts the mobile market, Nokia and ATI are providing much needed direction and a framework to move the whole industry forward."

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