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Nokia N-Gage sponsors BAFTA Games Awards

Along with the only award voted for by the public

The 2006 British Academy Video Game Awards will be jointly sponsored by Nokia N-Gage and PC World.

The awards take place on October 5th and intend to recognise the most innovative, artistic and engaging games of the year.

Nokia N-Gage will be sponsoring the award for Gameplay, the only award voted for by members of the public.

"We see BAFTA as a cultural reference point for what's great about the entertainment industries," said Simon Etchells, head of strategic marketing for Nokia N-Gage.

"It is a sign of maturity for the gaming industry when our best work can sit proudly alongside that of the film and television industries," he added.

"We are excited by the limitless boundaries of gaming - its immersive nature, its sense of community and shared experiences and its ability to deliver new forms of interactive experience," continued Etchells.

"Our continued commitment to mobile-connected gaming is based on this excitement."

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