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Nokia announces exclusive N-Gage fighting game

Mobile gaming deck receives continued software and accessory support

Nokia has reaffirmed its support for its N-Gage mobile gaming device with the announcement of an exclusive N-Gage fighting game and a new online store, for the purchase of a new range of gaming and telephony accessories.

Available in stores this week, One is a highly customisable, Bluetooth capable fighting game which has been exclusively developed for the N-Gage platform. Gamers will be able to choose from hundreds of character customisation options including skin tones, clothing, body features and accessories to create their own unique fighting champion.

The game, developed exclusively for the N-Gage by Digital Legends, features fights in fourteen real world locations and offers both single player and two-player battles via the N-Gage Bluetooth functionality. Achievements can be recorded online via the N-Gage Arena ranking system, which will record wins, losses, and performance during fights to create a global ranking position.

Gregg Sauter, Nokia's director of games publishing said: "The release of One will show gamers worldwide that sophisticated fighting titles which push the boundaries in terms of innovation and playability can exist on a handheld."

In a separate announcement, Nokia unveiled a new online store as part of the N-Gage website, encouraging gamers to purchase the latest range of accessories designed for the N-Gage QD game deck. The new product line includes a wireless dual headset for Bluetooth connectivity, and a snap on speaker to share game audio when playing with friends.

The company also revealed a new aluminium N-Gage QD carrying case, aluminium and standard game carrying cases, and a new multifunctional carrying strap. The products are also available in specific accessory bundles, and will be sold via the new online store as well as at retail through the Nokia and GN Mobile distribution network.

Nokia's director of global sales for the games business program, Jukka Hosio, commented: "We want to provide easy consumer access to the new N-Gage accessory portfolio through the online store. The accessories expand the functionality and usability of the N-Gage QD game deck, and combine attractive price points with a distinctive N-Gage accessory design."

Although the company has already stated that its N-Gage technology will be made available in a series of Nokia handsets, the latest announcements confirm Nokia's commitment to the continued provision of exclusive software and dedicated peripherals for the N-Gage QD game deck.

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