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No Fuss puzzle game added to WOOMB.net

Bazix have expanded the lineup of the online retro gaming platform WOOMB.net, with the Dutch puzzle game No Fuss. The goal of this addictive puzzle game is to recreate misformed figures by repositioning its building blocks. You do this by firing bolts at it. Whilst the concept may sound easy, the game is very challenging, addictive and fun to play: retro gaming defined!


A press kit is available at http://www.bazix.nl/presskit.html

About Bazix:

Established in 2004, Bazix is a Dutch partnership that distributes and localizes retro games on modern computers, consoles and mobiles. As the representative of MSX Association, Bazix is also involved in the licensing of the MSX computer system and its trademarks. In October 2006, Bazix launched the online game retro service http://www.woomb.net/ which is the first retro gaming service to offer Japanese retro game classics translated to English.


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