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No Fear Rallying with WRC: Rally Evolution™(wt)on PlayStation®2 & World Rally Championship™ on PSP™

- Unpredictability at every corner

- New multi-player option allows instant competitive racing with up to eight cars on a track!

- Enhanced co-driver mode that gets emotional!

- Leave your mark in stunning new deformable environments!

E3, LOS ANGELES, 17 May 2005 - No Limits, No Fear, No Excuse: Today sees the announcement from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) of the September 2005 release of WRC: Rally Evolution (wt) exclusively on PlayStation 2 and World Rally Championship on PSP: the ultimate in personal, portable entertainment

Heart racing, adrenalin pumping, action packed and better than ever, WRC: Rally Evolution (wt) delivers a thrilling rally experience at every corner with new multi-car racing, stunning new deformable environments, improved co-driver directions and more cars to drive from rallying past, present and future. WRC: Rally Evolution (wt) and World Rally Championship on PSP are the exclusive games of the FIA World Rally Championship, guaranteeing explosive racing action for real rally fans, enthusiasts and novices alike: whether on PlayStation 2 or PSP, World Rally Championship is fearless and exciting rallying at its best.

The Future of Rally- WRC: Rally Evolution (wt) on PlayStation 2

  • Interactive events that affect game play: Unpredictability is the name of the game as you race across the world's most challenging terrains without knowing what's around the corner...a crash, a flood, a forest fire, tumbling mountain rocks...who knows? The 'events' change every time you play so get prepared to expect the unexpected just like the professionals...
  • Multi-car wheel-to-wheel action: Up to 8 cars on the same track, at the same time in the on-line Multi-car mode! This features 16 stunning, purpose built circuits that capture the best of every rally country. Go head-to head and smash the other cars off the track to win as you navigate not only the challenging terrains but the fierce competitors...
  • Smash & Crash- More Realistic Than Ever... On the edge and closer to reality than ever before, the new damage system means collisions are more satisfying as debris is strewn from the car. For the first time in WRC history the rally cars can sustain any inflicted crash and collision damage across the whole stage, with the handling changing to reflect this.
  • Real-life co-driver- Hear the Fear! The vastly improved co-driver signals now give players the feeling of a real human being guiding them through the challenging stages of every rally. Believable and convincing, the co-driver now reacts dynamically to the action, giving detailed, impassioned help and guidance through pace notes drawn up by a real rally champion. The co-driver is sensitive to the racing conditions: his voice changes according to the road surface and breakneck speed, conveying real emotions in both victory and defeat.
  • Stunning new audio-visual effects: The developers at Evolution Studios have worked their magic yet again - pushing PlayStation 2 even further to produce breathtaking graphics, sensational real-rally sounds and awesome new effects - the incredible deformable environments means you can crash into a wall and watch it collapse! This winning combination delivers players a sensation of increased speed that will leave them literally shaking on their sofas!
  • A completely new particle system: has also been added to WRC: Rally Evolution(wt) that generates dense smoke, fire and deep water - all of which affects visibility and the handling of the rally car - putting players out there on the edge.
  • Increased accessibility: Even more people can feel like a true World Rally pro through a range of new features. A progressive championship mode starts with easier stages first. Optional driver aids mean the car can be tuned depending on players' ability and redesigned tracks let beginners power slide around corners with ease so the thrill of rallying can be captured and enjoyed whatever your level.

On the Go with World Rally Championship on PSP

Feel the speed and embrace the power with World Rally Championship on PSP, the first and exclusive officially licensed handheld game of the FIA World Rally Championship. Take racing to the limit and take it with you...

  • Race round the world: Featuring the 16 official rallies from around the world including Japan and Mexico, plus 19 bonus stages and exclusive downloadable content.
  • Make it personal: Challenge your friends to the rally of their life as the wireless technology of PSP allows instant competition- race wheel to wheel with up to 7 of your friends on 16 super special stages.
  • Extreme gameplay in your hands: Immediate, accessible and immersive: World Rally Championship on PSP is exclusively designed for the handheld device and delivers thrilling, bite-sized gaming on the go.

WRC: Rally Evolution (wt) and World Rally Championship on PSP are the only official games of the FIA World Rally Championships- including all the latest tracks, drivers and cars for the 2005 season plus a huge range of vehicles from rallying past and future. Whether testing yourself on PlayStation 2 or taking up the challenge on PSP, World Rally Championship is the only game to give you that real rally rush.

No Fear, No Limits and No Excuse not to get involved and join the rally riot.


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