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No EA Sports Active 2.0 for Natal

Second EA product snubs 360 motion controller in favour of PS3

EA has announced that EA Sports Active 2.0 will be released this autumn on the Wii, PlayStation 3, iPhone and iPod touch - but not the Xbox 360 or Project Natal.

The original title was released on the Wii last spring and used the standard Wii controllers, bundled accessories and, optionally, the Balance Board. The title proved a substantial hit for EA, after a heavy marketing push and even two dedicated retail stores in the US.

The third game in the series, after expansion EA Sports Active: More Workouts, will feature new leg and arm straps with motion sensors, a heart rate monitor and a new online hub to "track and share workout data".

The lack of an Xbox 360 version comes after yesterday's announcement that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 would support the Wii MotionPlus and PlayStation Move, but not Microsoft's Project Natal.

EA's only explanation for the decision has been that the "timing" of the release (Tiger Woods is due in June) made support impossible and that Natal functionally would not be implemented until next year's sequel.

EA Sports Active 2.0 is due for release this autumn, but with few other Move or Natal titles announced so far it is unclear whether this pattern of support will continue at other publishers.

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