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Nintendo's Musical Electroplankton Strikes A Chord On Jan. 9

Oct. 24, 2005

The artistic musical experience ElectroplanktonTM will begin making beautiful music in the United States on Jan. 9. This should come as welcome news to gamers and music fans who have longed for the hit Japanese music-making title to arrive overseas.

Electroplankton, made exclusively for Nintendo DSTM, doesn't fit the traditional definition of a video game. It features 10 different musical modes that let the user create melodies using the microphone and touch screen. Electroplankton is something that could only be played on Nintendo DS. Its dual screens, touch screen and microphone provide the perfect palette for artistic creation.

Created by renowned artist Toshio Iwai, Electroplankton presents a beautiful combination of art and music that unfolds in a different way with every touch of the screen. Players might find themselves getting lost in the melodies they create before they share their masterpieces with friends.

"Electroplankton represents just one of the many ways that Nintendo is developing new kinds of software to reach new audiences," said George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "Even if you have never played a video game, you can pick it up and start making amazing musical combinations with no instruction."

Electroplankton, Rated E for Everyone, will make a public debut befitting its creative, quirky nature. Electroplankton will be sold exclusively online and at the Nintendo World Store in New York. It will be carried by all major online retailers and at

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