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Nintendo Unveils Strong Q2 2005 Game Line-Up!

Nintendo is set to release a strong software line up for the second quarter of 2005, with games such as Star Fox Assault for Nintendo GameCube, WarioWare Twisted! for the Game Boy Advance and Yoshi Touch and Go for the Nintendo DS among the selection of fantastic titles on offer. With all these games to choose from you won't want to leave the house until summer!

Nintendo GameCube

Q2 2005 will see some of the strongest Nintendo GameCube titles of the year, with games you just won't be able to put down. Check out some of the games coming up:

Baten KaitosTM: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (NAMCO) 1st April 2005

Baten KaitosTM: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean revolutionises the role playing genre, by combining a fast-paced and innovative Magnus battle system with beautifully rendered backgrounds and breathtaking game-play. Players are thrust into an outlandish world of floating islands, where the residents have all evolved wings to survive. The adventure follows Kalas and his companions as they search for five Magnus cards, which hold the soul of an ancient and dangerous god called Malpercio. However they are not alone in this quest; dark forces are also seeking the hidden cards in order to return Malpercio to the world. This game has breathtaking in-game graphics and effects and beautifully rendered backgrounds which are filled with subtle animations, creating a rich and lively environment. While playing, gamers will be wowed by amazing spell effects, awe-inspiring cut-scenes and terrifying monsters.

Star Fox Assault 29th April 2005

In the latest incarnation of the classic shoot em-up, Fox Mccloud is joined by his friends in an adventure which spans land, air, sea and space. In single-player mode, Fox uses his trusty Arwing and the help of his colleagues to tackle obstacles throughout the game's gripping and exciting journey. Favourites including Slippy, Falco and Peppy return, with the addition of several all-new characters. Up to four players can also compete in head-to-head combat to decide who the greatest pilot of them all really is!

Donkey Konga 2: Hit Song Parade (temporary title) 3rd June 2005

Dust off your bongos and get ready to clap and pat along in time to all the latest tunes! Donkey Kong is back for more crazy music making, in the sequel to last year's smash hit Donkey Konga. This time round there is a new selection of music to be enjoyed, including pop, rock, classical and video game themes. Donkey Konga 2: Hit Song Parade also features two entirely new modes of play, one in which up to four players compete to complete a string of moves as fast as possible, the other in which players memorise increasingly difficult sequences of moves. This game guarantees musical fun and hours of amusement!

Game Boy Advance

Owners of the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP will have with numerous fantastic games to play on the go throughout 2005.

Yoshi's Universal Gravitation 22nd April 2005

Nintendo has always been famous for its gaming innovation and Yoshi's Universal Gravitation doesn't disappoint. It is a two dimensional comic style platform game with a twist, literally! The Game Boy Advance cartridge actually features a built in motion sensor which can detect the angle you are holding the Game Boy Advance at and tilts the game accordingly allowing you to move Yoshi around the levels in an all new way.

KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES (Disney/Square Enix) 6th May 2005

This RPG adventure combines the well-known worlds of Disney and FINAL FANTASY to create a unique and individual gaming experience. The game begins where the original KINGDOM HEARTS left off; Sora, Donald and Goofy continue their exciting adventure in search of Sora's friend Riku and the king of Disney Castle. Use the innovative new card battle system to navigate through the game-but choose your moves wisely, as each unique card is linked to a particular attack or ability. By "stocking" multiple cards, players can amplify their power and unleash powerful combos, cast formidable magic, and create unique battle strategies. Highlights of the game include beautiful graphics, high-quality movie event sequences, a deep storyline and an intriguing cast, making this is a must-have game for 2005. This game is already hugely successful in North America and Japan, having shipped a total of 1 million units just two months after its launch.

WarioWare Twisted! 3rd June 2005

Like Yoshi's Universal Gravitation this game uses Nintendo's innovative tilt-and-turn technology to add an extra dimension to Wario's unique brand of micro-game madness. This game features over 200 mini-games games, many of which require the cartridge to be twisted or tilted. You'll twist and turn the console to dunk a basketball, aim a laser at an alien creature, move a fence in front of a wild pig and guide an airplane through a narrow opening, plus much, much more. The game also features a built in rumble device giving players rumble feed back while they play.

Mario Party Advance 24th June 2005

Join Mario and friends in this new action packed adventure to earn coins in exciting mini games and buy Professor E. Gadd's wonderful gadgets. Players can choose from many famous Nintendo characters such as Luigi, Yoshi, Peach and Koopa Kids. All-new multiplayer battle games allow players players to battle against each other or trade mini games and coins. With over 60 mini games this game will keep you entertained for months to come.

Nintendo DS

There will be a great line up of games available when the Nintendo DS launches on 11th March and even more games to follow as we move into summer! Nintendo DS owners can get to grips with some of the most innovative and addictive titles seen to date launching on the console from April through to June.

Yoshi Touch & Go 6th May 2005

Everybody's favourite green dinosaur is back, once again guiding the helpless Baby Mario to safety through colourful levels filled with dangerous enemies. This title is the perfect example of how touch-screen gaming is the future. Players do not control Yoshi, or Baby Mario, instead they have to aid the daring duo through the levels using their stylus. Players help Yoshi span large gaps by drawing cloud bridges, destroy enemies by trapping them in bubbles and collect coins on the top screen by throwing eggs. Four different modes of play are available with different level design and difficulty depending on performance. Two players can also battle it out using DS download-play. In addition Yoshi Touch and Go features a new option which allows players to detect any active PictoChat conversations in the area while they play.

This is just a selection of some the fantastic titles out in the second quarter of 2005. In addition, fans of the Game Boy Advance can also look forward to games such as Batman Begins from EA and Star Wars Revenge of the Sith from Ubisoft. Nintendo GameCube fans will be able to get their hands on games including Viewtiful Joe 2 from Capcom, Medal of Honor 4 from EA and Madagascar from Activision. Nintendo DS owners will be able to play many games including Need for Speed Underground 2 from EA, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith from Ubisoft and Space Invaders Revolution from Marvelous/Rising Star Games.

Nintendo GameCube games sell for at an estimated price of around £40 and Game Boy Advance SP titles retail at an estimated around £30. Nintendo DS launches across Europe on 11th March 2005 at the estimated retail price of around £99.99. Games will retail at an estimated retail price of around £30 or £20 depending on title.

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Nintendo GameCube

Title - Release Date

Baten Kaitos - 1 April 2005

Viewtiful Joe 2 (Capcom) - 1 April 2005

Star Fox Assault - 29 April 2005

Donkey Konga 2:Hit Song Parade (temporary title) - 3 June 2005

Batman Begins (EA) - June 2005

Madagascar (Activision) - June 2005

Killer 7 (Capcom) - 27 June 2005

Medal of Honor 4 (EA) - Q2 2005

Game Boy Advance SP

Title - Release Date

Yoshi's Universal Gravitation (Nintendo) - 22 April 2005


Herby Fully Loaded (Disney / Buena Vista Games) - May 2005

Care Bears (Game Factory/K.E. Media) - May 2005

Koala Brothers (Game Factory/K.E. Media) - May 2005

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Ubisoft) - May 2005

WarioWare Twisted! (Nintendo) - 3 June 2005

Mario Party Advance (Nintendo) - 24 June 2005

Batman Begins (EA) - June 2005

Madagascar (Activision) - June 2005

Nintendo DS

Title - Release Date

Yoshi Touch & Go (Nintendo) - 6 May 2005

Need for Speed Underground 2 (EA) - 29 April 2005

Cocoto Card Racer (Neko) - April 2005

Space Invadors Revolution (Marvelous/Rising Star Games) - April 2005

Ultimate Brain games (Telegames) - May 2005

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Ubisoft) - May 2005

Madagascar (Activision) - June 2005

Ultimate Card games (Telegames) - June 2005

Pac-Pix (NAMCO) - Q2 2005

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