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Nintendo Unleashes A Bundle Of Fun As The Nintendo DS Goes Nintendogs Crazy

Nintendo's new puppy software bundled with new Nintendo DS Colours

26th September 2005 - With well over one million of us already playing Nintendo's acclaimed DS console across Europe, great news is in store with the launch of an amazing new bundle. Europe's favourite handheld console is to be bundled with the most eagerly awaited game of the year - Nintendogs - and what's more it will be retailing for the incredible price of just £99 (RRP)

There will be two varieties of Nintendogs bundle. The fabulous new Dachshund version of the game will be bundled with a pink Nintendo DS console. This comes with a cute line-up of Nintendogs characters such as Shih Tzu and Pugs. But if Pink is not your thing, do not worry as there will be a Labrador version of the Nintendogs bundle complete with a blue Nintendo DS - with breeds such as Labrador Retriever and Pembroke Welsh Corgi to show off to your mates.

Since Nintendogs launched in Japan it has been a huge hit and sales of the Nintendo DS console have rocketed to five times the average amount during the Nintendogs launch week. In its first week on sale in the US, Nintendogs, sold over a quarter of a million copies making it the best selling new game franchise for a portable system. To date Nintendogs has sold over 1.5 million copies in Japan and North America.

The Nintendo DS launched across Europe on 11th March 2005. It features dual screen gaming, touch-screen technology, voice recognition, wireless gameplay and Wi-Fi compatibility, all in the palm of your hand. Since launch it achieved record-breaking sales - with 500,000 units sold in its first three weeks alone. From this point, Nintendo DS purchases have 'skyrocketed' to shatter the one million mark across Europe in under three months. Worldwide, 6.65 million players worldwide had already got to grips with the Nintendo DS by the end of June 2005, embracing its innovative touch-screen technology as the stylish and most original games console of this generation.

The Nintendo DS: Blue and Pink Nintendogs Bundle launches on October 7th 2005 at the amazing retail price of just £99

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Nintendo Co., Ltd of Kyoto, Japan, is the acknowledged worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment. To date, Nintendo has sold more than 2 billion video games worldwide and more than 350 million hardware units globally, creating such industry icons as Mario® and Donkey Kong and launched franchises like The Legend of Zelda® and Pokémon. Nintendo manufactures and markets hardware and software for its popular home video game systems, including the Nintendo 64, NINTENDO GAMECUBE, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy - the world's best-selling video game system which has sold over 180 million units. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of Europe, based in Grossostheim, Germany, was established in 1990 and serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in Europe.

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