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Nintendo UK heads to Windsor

The UK headquarters of Japanese gaming giant Nintendo is set to move from its current location in Slough to a new, larger office in Windsor, which should accommodate the firm's staffing needs as it prepares to launch into the next-generation console market.

It's not known how much Nintendo UK will be able to expand in its new offices, but following the huge success of the DS handheld and with the launches of DS Lite and Wii on the horizon, it's no surprise that some expansion is required.

Ironically, Nintendo's decision to move to the Berkshire town comes as publisher Take Two plans to move its European operations, which have been based there for around ten years, to Geneva in Switzerland, copying a move made by EA in recent months.

Nintendo's UK office, however, is just that - a UK office only, with the firm's European arm being administered from the firm's regional headquarters in Grossostheim, Germany.

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