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Nintendo launches DSi LL in Japan

Customers queue for new large screen DSi hardware

The Nintendo DSi LL was launched in Japan over the weekend, reportedly generating queues of buyers in some stores.

Reception to the LL seemed positive, with queues of up to 100 people reported at stores, according to Kotaku. The latest iteration of the DSi hardware has screens that are 93 per cent larger than is standard, and is targeted at users wanting to use their console for browsing the internet or who would prefer to display software in a bigger font size.

It went on sale at a price of JPY 20,000 (USD 220) - a price point slightly higher than the standard DSi which retails at JPY 18,900 (USD 208).

Nintendo has confirmed the DSi LL will launch in Europe in the first quarter of 2010.

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Kath Brice