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Nintendo Game Keyrings

Donkey Kong Junior, Mario's Cement Factory and Super Mario Bros LCD games in miniature form.


Date: 5th August 2009

Contact: Jo Watton


Don’t wander around with your Wii or struggle with your Super Nintendo; the Nintendo Game Keyrings from Find Me A Gift are the answer to retro gaming on the go!

You can’t beat classic computer games. Spending hours on the Super Nintendo was every 80’s child’s dream! Yes you were threatened with square eyes and no dinner if you didn’t have a break from the TV screen but you weren’t phased. You were at one with the ultimate gaming legends, the Mario Bros and Donkey Kong! Mamma Mia Mario rocked it in his retro chic dungarees and Donkey Kong; who else could pull off just wearing a tie! These animated characters were and still are video game gurus, so put down your Xbox controller and stop wasting your life on The Sims. Put a Nintendo Game Keyring in your pocket and you’ll be able to play these classic games on the go!

Choose from three different game titles including Donkey Kong Junior, Mario’s Cement Factory and the legendary Super Mario Bros. Or, if you’re struggling to choose between these iconic games, why not treat yourself to all three? You’ll never be stuck for something to do! The Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr Game Keyring challenges you to help Donkey Kong Junior rescue his father. This is the only Nintendo game where Mario plays an antagonist rather than the ‘good guy’ that we all know and love! The aim of the game is to steer Donkey Kong Junior around treacherous birds and dodgy traps so that he can rescue his father. So swing and climb on those vines and remember to munch on the fruit bonuses along the way!

If you’ve been struggling with your separation from Mario and Luigi then get your hands on the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Game Keyring! The best-selling video game of all time, the aim of Super Mario Bros is to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil dragon Kuppa. Guide Mario through eight different levels and set the princess free. Nintendo have even re-released Mario’s Cement Factory in these finger-held fancies. Get your Mario-loving mittens on the Nintendo Super Mario’s Cement Factory Game Keyring!

These fully licensed Nintendo Game Keyrings are just perfect for idle fingers and thumbs! Take them on the bus, on the train or sit playing them in school lessons; just don’t blame Find Me A Gift when you get detention. Adults needn’t be fooled either; you remember these games the first time around and chances are you’re itching to get your hands on another slice of Super Mario Bros action! They feature a stand at the back and even act as an alarm clock. So if you’re worried about being caught on your keyring when you should be doing something else; set it to time mode and act innocent! Waste away some work-time with a Nintendo Game Keyring and it’ll take you back to an era of high-top trainers, Lucky Charm cereals and endless episodes of Saved By The Bell!

The Nintendo Game Keyrings from Find Me A Gift are the new way to play classic video games wherever you are and whenever you like!

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