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Nintendo estimates 3 million US Wii sales in December

Platform holder also bullish on DS performance, anticipating calendar year record

Nintendo has announced that it expects the Wii platform to have sold an additional 3 million units in the US in December, ahead of official figures to be released by the NPD Group on January 14.

The platform holder, which has endured a tough time in 2009, ended the year strongly - it also announced that total US sales of Super Mario Bros Wii are almost at the 4 million mark.

And additionally the company expects the DS handheld to set another new calendar year record for hardware sales in the country.

The expectations were outlined by Nintendo president Saturo Iwata, and although it's not yet clear how that performance will shape up to Microsoft and Sony sales last month, it'll be welcome news in a year that had seen a general decline.

"The millions of people who bought Nintendo hardware during the holidays can look forward to enjoying great games on those systems now and in the future," added Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive VP of Sales & Marketing.

"The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for Nintendo DS, and Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros Wii are all currently providing Nintendo fans with amazing experiences and fun adventures for the whole family."

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