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Nintendo DS sales at two million and counting

Combined sales of the Nintendo DS in the USA and Japan have exceeded two million units, Nintendo claimed today, as it pledged to ship 2.8 million units by the end of 2004.

Nintendo DS sales have topped one million units in both the USA and Japan, Nintendo announced today, as the company revealed that the combined shipment figures across both regions would exceed 2.8 million by the end of the year.

The platform holder also reiterated that details of the European launch will be revealed in early 2005, as retailers continue to speculate on a late March launch date - many already offering pre-orders.

Within less than a week of launching in the US on November 21st, more than half a million DS units had been sold, Nintendo said today, leading to stock shortages around the country as 90 per cent of the launch allocation was snapped up by eager fans.

It took just four days to achieve the same level of sales in Japan, where the unit launched on December 2nd.

As we hone in on Christmas, the vast shipments of DS units are still struggling to satisfy demand - anecdotal evidence on Internet forums and discussion groups talk of widespread shortages, while major online retailers like are also having trouble acquiring stock.

Sony, meanwhile, having sold out its 200,000-unit launch allocation of PlayStation Portables in just one day in Japan, is aiming to have half a million available in the region before the end of the year - leaving it some way short of Nintendo's figures.

Both units have been well received by the media so far, with games like Super Mario 64 DS on Nintendo's side and Ridge Racers on the PSP earning high praise all round.

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