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Nintendo DS

Available for £75 this Friday from Buyitplayit.com.

Northampton 18th Dec.

Buyitplayit.com the online retailer of video games and consumer electronics is offering further Freaky Friday promotions on Nintendo DS consoles this Friday.

The promotion is on the highly sought after console with a staggering price of just £75 for the first 50 purchases.

Last week Buyitplayit.com ran a Freaky Friday promotion on Wii Fits for only £50 which created huge demand.

“Last weeks promotion created so much interest that the traffic caused our servers to crash for a period of time” Commented Richard White GM of Buyitplayit.com. “We expected that such a price promotion would create huge traffic but it massively exceeded our expectations”.

“We would like to apologise for the technical issues our customers encountered which have now been addressed, and also offer our congratulations to the fifty lucky people out there that got an amazing bargain on the Wii Fit that is still out of stock at many high street stores” Explained Richard White.

This week’s Freaky Friday promotion will begin at 1pm on Friday 19th December with the promotional stock expected to be sold in minutes.

Customer are urged to ensure they are signed up to buyitplayit.com and all their details are correct to ensure that when the promotion starts they can complete the purchase as quick as possible to avoid missing out.

Buyitplayit.com will be running further freaky Friday promotions in the coming weeks.

Visit www.buyitplayit.com for more details

Don’t miss out!.


About Buyitplayit.com

The buyitplayit.com offering is very simple. We want to bring the best value to our customers on the best selling consumer electronic items, with affordable

payment terms where possible. Our strategy is to offer a strong range of the best selling products so we can concentrate our buying power on these items and pass the savings on rather than offering 1000’s of products.

Therefore, when we source our products from our suppliers we will review and only select items that we believe offer good value to our customers, which means the products we select are the right quality for the price.

buyitplayit.com works on obtaining the best possible prices from our suppliers and passing these on to our customers, with a small mark up. We will always try to make these prices lower than the recommended retail price giving significant savings. However on some items where demand is greater than supply, pricing will be higher from our suppliers and therefore our pricing may at times be higher than the recommended retail price or some high street pricing. We still will only mark up these items with a small margin as our pricing to you is always dictated by our suppliers. This works both ways because if our suppliers have a really low price on an item then buyitplayit.com will make a small mark up and offer these low prices to our customers.

buyitplayit.com offers a quick simple shopping experience, and does not clutter up the site with multiple advertising and hundreds of different offers. We offer a simple effective buying experience where everything you can buy is already good value and offer significant savings in comparison to high street pricing where possible.

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