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Nintendo details 3DS eShop

Digital store uses real-world currency but remains 'distinguished' from retail

Nintendo has revealed more information about the eShop - a rethought download store for its impending 3DS handheld.

While the new device will support the old DSiWare to some extent, its new digital channel will offer the likes of demos, videos and user ratings, as well as a version of the Wii's Virtual Console dedicated to Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles.

Purchases will no longer be made with virtual currency, as on DSi and Wii, but with a real-world cash system. Nintendo Points purchased on other systems will not be usable on the 3DS eStore.

However, Nintendo of America marketing manager Bill Trinen suggested to Joystiq that the eShop was very much a secondary concern to retail, with full 3DS games not yet planned for download availability. "I think, right now for us, the digital shop content is focusing on growing the digital ... distinguishing from the retail content in terms of what it offers."

Trinen also hinted that the eShop may not be released simultaneously with the 3DS itself. "In terms of specific announcements or when it's going to actually be available, we'll go into more detail on that as we get closer to the launch date."

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