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Nintendo Briefing: Summary

The Wii-maker's big reveals - new games, and 3DS too!

Following on from Monday's Microsoft press conference, Nintendo was next up. Among the items expected on the agenda were a full 3DS reveal, a new Zelda game and more information on the Vitality Sensor.

Not all of that was forthcoming, but there was plenty to keep Nintendo fans happy. Here's a summary of the announcements as they happened.


The reveal to kick off the briefing was none other than the much-anticipated reveal of a new Zelda title, shown off by Shigeru Miyamoto himself.

The game - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - will be the first game to be compatible with Wii MotionPlus when it's launched (at some point in 2011).

The key selling points were the full 3D motion controls, with a variety of weapons included in the game - plus the ability to fly with a beetle.


There will be a new Mario title for the Wii - Mario Sports Mix, with beach volleyball, basketball and ice hockey included. An NBA Jam game is also on the slate.

Wii Momentum

Host Reggie Fils-Aime then talked in some depth about the momentum of the Wii console, and how the nay-sayers in the past year have been proven wrong when saying that it was a fading console.

Specifically, he pointed to last December's NPD results - when the Wii sold the highest number of hardware units in a single month in the history of the US games industry - as well as a couple of surveys.

The first, from NPD, indicated that the Wii was the most played console in the US, while the second indicated that more people still intended to purchase a Wii than any other console.

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