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Nintendo Bolsters Its Strong Q2 2005 Game Line Up With The Addition Of Three More Games For Nintendo DS

Gamers of all ages rejoice! Nintendo's Q2 line-up has just been bolstered by the addition of even more fantastic Nintendo DS games! The cute and innovative PAC-PIX draws its way into the release schedule launching 20th May, alongside the adrenaline charged speed fest Ridge Racer DS launching on 3rd June and mysterious adventure game Another Code: Two Memories launching on 24th June. All of these games join Yoshi Touch & Go which launches on 6th May 2005.

Whatever your taste, the Nintendo DS has something to offer you as we head towards summer, with a wide range of exciting games launching along side those from Nintendo. These include the Action Adventure game Madagascar from Activision, shoot-em up GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and the highly popular racing game Need for Speed Underground 2 from EA, Space Invadors Revolution from Marvelous/Rising Star Games along with Ubisoft's shining stars: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith which are all set to delight gamers in the coming months.

This great line up of games will continue and Nintendo DS owners will be spoilt for choice with a plethora of exciting and innovative new titles set to be released throughout the remainder of 2005. These include the much awaited Mario Kart DS, sci-fi shooter Metroid Prime Hunters, the action packed Advance Wars DS and the adorable and addictive Nintendogs all from Nintendo. Other releases include horror-fest Castlevania DS (temporary title) from Konami, the sim favourite The Sims 2, the adventure filled Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in addition to speed-fest Need For Speed Most Wanted all from EA. With all these great titles gamers will be kept busy well into 2006.

Ridge Racer DS 3rd June

Experience the race of your life as Ridge Racer comes to Nintendo DS with all the fast-paced action of the original arcade legend. The innovative Touch Screen allows for the ultimate steering control on 20 challenging courses set across a wide range of environments.

Race against the computer in a variety of single-player modes including Quick Play, Grand Prix and Car Attack, or take on up to six friends in the wireless multiplayer mode. Ridge Racer DS also features a wireless DS Download Play mode where up to five other people can enjoy multiplayer fun with only one game card.

PAC-PIX 20th May

The world's most famous bright yellow ball is back and this time he is hungrier than ever before! Trapped inside a mysterious cursed book Pac-Man finds himself once again battling ghosts to survive. However, this time players can actually draw their own Pac-Man on the touch screen and watch him self-animate. Players have almost complete freedom to determine where Pac-Man goes and how. Using the game stylus they must sketch arrows and even bombs to help guide our hero around the screen, munching on ghosts on route to the switch found-on each level. Hitting this opens a path on the top-screen called the Item Road, where players can collect special items.

With a huge selection of stages and bosses to overcome, players will have their work cut-out for them as they sketch and scribble their way through this exciting new game. You are bound to draw your own conclusions about PAC-PIX but it is definitely one to pencil into your diary.

Another Code: Two Memories 24th June

Another Code: Two Memories utilises the unique Nintendo DS features, such as the touch-screen and microphone, to put players in the middle of one of the most gripping adventures they will ever experience! In Another Code: Two Memories players take control of Ashley, a young girl who gets a message to meet her long-lost father on a mysterious island. When she arrives her father is nowhere to be seen and Ashley begins to suspect something is wrong. As players explore the island in search of Ashley's father, strange things start to happen and they are thrust into the middle of a sinister plot.

Players control the game using the touch-screen to interact with their environment in a similar way to PC-based 'point and click' adventures, combining tricky puzzles with a gripping storyline to make this a must-have game.

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