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Nintendo and Microsoft resolve Seattle turf war

They might be rivals when it comes to the battle of the consoles, but for once Microsoft and Nintendo have put aside their differences to prove that neighbours really can become good friends.

Both companies own offices in the city of Redmond, Seattle, situated adjacently to each other. When Microsoft filed development plans that would add a total of 2.2 million square feet to its campus, Nintendo responded with a proposal to more than double the size of its own headquarters.

Immediate expansion didn't seem to be the main objective, however; speaking to US website, Nintendo of America representative Beth Llewelyn said: "It's really more about protecting our ability to develop that land in the future." Or, in other words, stopping Microsoft in its tracks.

The dispute was resolved though when Microsoft agreed to cut 251,000 square feet from its proposal, leaving enough space for Nintendo and other firms in the area to expand. The decision was made after "fairly extensive" and "amicable" discussions between all parties, according to Microsoft executive Jim Stanton.

Local residents are said to be pleased with the outcome - according to, they have complained that "Microsoft employees already clog their streets". Microsoft currently employs more than 28,000 people in the Seattle area.

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