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Nintendo and Bakers Complete join forces for ‘doggylicious’ fun and games

Joint through-the-line promotion to support Nintendogs UK launch

Nintendo and Bakers Complete, the UK's number one complete dry dog food, are joining forces for the launch of the latest gaming craze to sweep the world - Nintendogs.

In the first ever video game / dog food partnership the joint through the line promotion will see Nintendogs featured on over 1.5 million packs of Bakers Complete from October this year. Money off vouchers for Bakers products will also be included in copies of Nintendogs for anyone who picks up the game at the UK launch on 7 October.

The Bakers Complete on-pack promotion features an on-line competition to win one of 100 Nintendo DS Nintendogs prize packs. Dog lovers will enter via and answer three dog related multiple-choice questions, with winners selected on a monthly basis. The promotion will feature across all the major supermarket chains, as well as major pet superstores, convenience stores and independent pet shops.

Bakers Complete will be official sponsors of the Nintendogs Zone at the remaining Nintendo All Stars 2005 Tour events through August and September. The tour will take place on selected weekends and half-term week in October and will feature the Nintendo Mutt Truck, sampling bone gazebo and a Bakers Complete product area.

Nintendogs will also be heavily promoted on the Bakers Complete website from August, with information provided on the game, plus footage, information on the Nintendogs tour and the competition area. Joint branded email newsletters will be distributed.

With three different versions available, Nintendogs lets owners choose a puppy from one of 18 breeds, then raise and train the pup. Nintendogs uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to produce incredibly realistic and cute puppies that respond to voice commands and petting on the touch screen. Owners can teach their puppies new tricks, compete in obedience trials and agility trials or compete in flying disk competitions. Successful trainers earn money and trainer points to use to buy additional breeds, new toys and accessories. Nintendogs is the pet for people who can't have the real thing.

Since its launch in Japan in April this year, Nintendogs has become a pop-culture phenomenon. Nintendo's kennel club represents a virtual "who's who" of best-in-show contenders.

In recognition of its technological achievements, the Nintendo DS has received the Edge magazine 'Hardware of the Year Award', as well as rave reviews across the UK, showing that the Nintendo DS has already delivered on its ambitious promise to bring a new gaming experience to gamers.

The Nintendo DS can be purchased from most good retailers for around £99. Software is available from around £29 and £19 depending on the game.

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For further information, please contact Stephanie Moses or Sian Dobson at the Nintendo press office on 020 7307 3103

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