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An intro to the Dark Forest.

Travel into the Dark Forest in hot pursuit of Mr. Demon! At Crossed Junction, you'll be joined by the Forest Ninjas, who attack flying and ground enemies with equal skill. Be warned, however, as the Zombie Ninjas will stumble out of the woods as well, eager to swell their ranks with your Ninjatown heroes! Giant balls of Dark Syrup will fall from the sky in Dark Syrup Circle forcing you to use all new strategies if you hope to be successful. Be sure to utilize the Blacksmith Hut to give your ninjas armor and reduce damage taken in battle! Venture deep into Dark Forest way to confront the evil and poisonous Dark Forest Ninjas, and utilize your new Ol' Master Ninja power, Hickory Lunge – guaranteed to take out as many enemies as you can tap on the screen! Finally, take the Dark Tree Path and fight The Super Evil Tree to gain access to Mr. Demon's lair!

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