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A glimpse into the Business District.

Next, the Devils will push their way towards the Business District, first marching on the Wi-Fi Gap. Luckily, the Business Ninja is now available! Business Ninjas can attack at incredible speeds, and can grab Devils that don't stand still!

However, you'll also have to contend with the new Business Devils, who drink so many caffeine–infused dark syrup lattes, they never slow down. You'll get a new Old Master Ninja power, "Stop! Ninja Time!" - touch the spinning hourglass to stop time. The more sand there is on top when the hourglass stops spinning, the more time you'll have to build and upgrade defenses. You'll have to cover numerous roads and directions when you defend the Downtown area, and you'll need to account for ninjas coming from opposite directions at the NTSE (Ninjatown Sugar Exchange).

Feeling a little slow? Don't worry, green tea bistros will increase nearby ninjas movement speed. Finally, you'll confront the EVIL Ceo, leader of the Business Devils, as you defend the Loop, the last battle for the Sugar Exchange! If you're successful, a new, super token awaits as your reward….

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