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Open-ended puzzle racer gets a demo.

Noumenon Games has just released the demo for Nimbus onto the steam store. Nimbus is an open ended puzzle-racing game. The player controls a craft with no means of directly propelling itself and needs to use whatever is scattered around the levels to acquire thrust and reach the goal. The demo contains a tailor made world map and a small collection of levels from world 1 & 2 from the full game experience. Leader boards are however disabled in the demo. One can grab the demo from the steam store page of the game over at . The full game is priced at 9,99€.

So far Nimbus has had mostly favorable reviews with a review average hovering between 8.5 / 10 - 9 / 10 . We're also very proud to announce that the game has been nominated for 2 best of 2010 awards over at for "Most innovative gameplay" and "Best quick fix".

About Noumenon Games:

Noumenon Games is a small studio with office in the small Swedish coastal city Karlshamn. We're a small collection of people from the Swedish games industry with a past history of working together. Our small team enables us to work on exiting ideas without the overhead of a full production team, expect something different, something the large AAA studios don't dare to focus on due to the risks involved. The studio won't be creating games targeting the lowest common denominator. Our homepage is available at .  

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