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Nikita announces Sphere MMORPG for mobile devices

And translates virtual dating application into English

Moscow-based publisher and developer Nikita has announced the launch of a dedicated mobile version of its Medieval MMORPG Sphere, now available for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile enabled portable devices.

Developed with the assistance of the Intel Early Access program, the mobile client provides gamers with a wide range of complex communications, trading, exploration and player interaction features taken from the original PC version of the game.

Using the original interface and allowing free movement in the Sphere universe by connecting directly to the game server, players can now see and interact with each other regardless of the device they're using to play.

Graphically, the mobile client affords a stunning gameplay experience, utilising the Intel XScale processor running at 600 MHz for Pocket PCs (300 MHz for smartphones) and offering maximum execution speed with the Intel 2700G Multimedia Accelerator (Marathon).

David P. Ryan, Intel's director of software enabling in Europe, said: "We are delighted to help software companies to create and bring onto the market new exciting applications that enable people to enjoy their digital content anywhere and anytime."

"We hope that our efforts will change the way people think about entertainment, bringing new opportunities to enjoy their digital content with much more flexibility and freedom: at home as well as while having a cup of coffee in the coffee shop or at the airport enabled with a wireless hot spot," he added.

Sphere is Russia's first Massively Multiplayer Online game, and has attracted substantial critical acclaim since its launch. The mobile client is compatible with a range of pocket PC devices and smartphone handsets, and can be downloaded directly from the Sphere website.

Founded in 1991, Nikita is the first Russian games developer and publisher, and has created over 100 games in multiple genres for a number of platforms. A leading provider of mobile services, Nikita has also adapted more than 50 products for the Russian market, and continues to convert Russian IP for other territories around the world.

The company recently announced an English translation of its virtual community application, CiTY: World of Dating. The free to use Java application enables visitors to cruise the virtual cities, interacting with real world gamers through chat, forums, journals, and direct communication in virtual theme halls.

The burgeoning wireless community continues to thrive, offering a user-friendly interface, interactive map with freshly translated names of locations and objects, and Nikita states that the service will remain completely free.

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