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Nice Tech's Development Platform Changes The Design Process Of Online Games

Nice Tech Ltd, a newly formed, Cambridge based games company has built a unique, proprietary technology that allows the development of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Multiplayer Games. The AliceServer technology platform promises to transform MMOG development by significantly reducing the time, cost and risk to build products. AliceServer will enable publishers to realise significant profitability at a time when the online games market is expanding rapidly.

AliceServer uses 'autonomous agents' to model objects for real. This combined with a bottom-up design philosophy allows the development of worlds of unparalleled realism. The random complexity that colours reality emerges from the interaction of users and 'autonomous agents' governed only by the physical laws of the virtual world.

AliceServer provides a production ready, networked environment for live testing of all new assets and code. Both are reusable and product creation starts with a large amount of the final code already complete. The development process allows designers to focus on creative content and entertaining game play in a 'live' environment.

The system is secure, truly parallel and linearly scalable reducing the complexity of providing an 'always on' service. The end result is highly original, self-generating and evolving content available to increased player numbers in potentially vast gaming worlds.

Nice Tech aims to reduce the barriers faced by games publishers to deliver innovative and consistently profitable online gaming products. The benefits are economic costs of development and support and reduced and lower risk production cycles. In addition, AliceServer delivers flexible, custom-built solutions that meet the varying needs and resource levels of publishers and the tastes of different gaming audiences.

Toby Simpson, Nice Tech's Chief Technology Officer, says: "AliceServer is the result of many years of work focused on developing the most interesting and exciting game worlds. The design of AliceServer borrows principles from nature to reduce the complexity of modelling the world and will ultimately produce virtual worlds that will rival reality itself."

About Nice Tech Ltd

Nice Tech was formed in 2005 in Cambridge, England to design and develop Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games, providing the player with an experience that will ultimately rival reality. Nice Tech is incorporated in the UK with development and research facilities in Cambridge, England. Nice Tech develops technology designed to ultimately allow for hundreds of thousands of players in a persistent world and designs games that leverage that technology to provide an engaging and absorbing real-time online entertainment experience.

Nice Tech Ltd


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