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Nice Tech To Outline New AliceServer Technology at TIGA 3rd Gen Strategy Conference

CEO Paul Baker and CTO Toby Simpson of Nice Tech Ltd are confirmed to provide a keynote speech and overview of the company's new AliceServer technology platform in the emerging online games market.

The presentation will focus on the reduction of risk in MMOG development for publishers, and how technology can reduce development time, cost and ongoing maintenance to deliver the profitability which has so far proved elusive in the sector.

About Nice Tech Ltd

Nice Tech was formed in 2005 in Cambridge, England to design and develop Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games, providing the player with an experience that will ultimately rival reality. Nice Tech is incorporated in the UK with development and research facilities in Cambridge, England. Nice Tech develops technology designed to ultimately allow for hundreds of thousands of players in a persistent world and designs games that leverage that technology to provide an engaging and absorbing real-time online entertainment experience.

Nice Tech Ltd


Stuart Francis, Sales & Marketing Director, 01883 348588,

Paul Baker, President and CEO, 01223 842608,

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