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Next Island

Jon Jacobs launches new version of his virtual Club NEVERDIE having flogged the first one for $635,000.

Hollywood, Calif. – December 15, 2010 - Record breaking virtual world mogul, Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, has announced the launch of his new and improved virtual gaming destination, Club NEVERDIE. Two weeks ago Jacobs made worldwide headlines with the sale of the first Club NEVERDIE, based on a virtual asteroid, for a new world record $635,000 USD. The newly launched virtual club cost over a million dollars to develop and is this time located on NEXT Island, a free to play, virtual tropical island paradise where time travel is the main attraction and the focal point of the real cash economy. This economy allows players to buy, sell and profit from the trade of virtual goods for real cash, with an exchange rate fixed to the US Dollar.

The new Club NEVERDIE has proven to be an instant smash, packed with visually stunning gaming destinations, including; a live volcano, home to fierce, flying Fire Drakes; a sacred native burial ground guarded by skeleton warriors; pirate caves with hidden treasures, and a hidden crystal mine. Visitors to the new Club NEVERDIE will also discover a massive Champions Sports Park, designed to host the Massive Multiplayer Online World Championships and weekly Champions League hunting and mining events, alongside the ND 500 Race Track for vehicle racing events.

In a touching tribute, Jacobs has also created the exotic Tiki beach resort with private houses and "The Island Girl Spa" dedicated to his late fiance Tina "Island Girl" Leiu who passed away in 2005. Island Girl was a popular singer, actress and gamer in her own right and was the subject of NEVERDIE's hit song "Gamer Chick".

With the creation of ‘The Island Girl Spa’ Jacobs explains, “One of Tina’s unfulfilled dreams was to open a Spa in American Samoa where her family was from. By creating ‘The Island Girl Spa’ at Club NEVERDIE, I'm able to in some way, fulfil her last ambition. We've also created an Avatar in her likeness and she automatically revives anyone who dies gaming on the island, bringing another level of meaning to the name Club NEVERDIE. For me the return of Island Girl at the new Polynesian Club NEVERDIE brings everything full circle and represents an important statement to the online community and the world; that virtual reality is the place where we can transcend death, perhaps not on a literal level right now, but very possibly in the future. I plan to continue to lay the foundation for that future with the virtual worlds developed by NEVERDIE Studios.”

The original Club NEVERDIE, created in 2005 when Jon Jacobs bought a virtual asteroid for a then world record $100,000, became an iconic, must visit destination in the virtual Entropia Universe. Five years later he sold it for a half million dollar profit. The new Club NEVERDIE sets new standards in the Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game experience and begs the question, where will virtual pioneer Jacobs have taken his latest virtual creation a further five years from now?

Club NEVERDIE is free to download. Users may create their own avatar, explore and play for free. There are no subscription fees, and no credit card is required to play. There is an option to buy virtual cash at a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar. Users can enter this incredible virtual environment, make money as part of a billion dollar real cash economy, while enjoying the ultimate virtual gaming adventure. Welcome to the future; the new Club NEVERDIE.


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Notes to Editors

About NEVERDIE Studios:

NEVERDIE Studios was founded by iconic gamer and avatar Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs in 2008 to create virtual worlds as well as movies and music. Since its inception, NEVERDIE Studios has developed and launched ROCKtropia, the first virtual music world, and is developing Next Island, a tropical, time travel virtual planet. NEVERDIE studios has also scored chart-topping club hits with dance diva Cheri Moon.

For more information on NEVERDIE Studios visit;

About Next Island:

Next Island is a free to play virtual world; a massively multi-player online role playing game. There are no subscription fees, and no credit card is required to play. Next Island operates a real cash economy with a fixed exchange rate of 10 PED to $1USD. Visitors can purchase upgrades and virtual goods, or sell harvests and in-game creations. Travel through time to ancient Greece where you can fight mythical beasts, quest to please the Gods or discuss philosophy with other residents. Pursue a wide range of professions from hunting to hairdressing, craft weapons and fashions to use and sell, or just socialize with other Islanders at the popular clubs.

About MindArk:

Based in Sweden, MindArk develops, operates and markets Entropia Universe and the Entropia Platform. Entropia Universe is a 3D internet virtual universe with a unique integrated economic system and stunning graphics. The Entropia Platform is a secure entertainment and business platform, enabling companies and organizations all over the world to build content on differently themed planets inside Entropia Universe. MindArk is the only company which backs their virtual currency at a guaranteed exchange rate of 10 PED to $1 USD.

For more information about MindArk PE AB visit


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