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Nexon merges NDoors and Nexon Red

Mobile studios behind Legion of Heroes and Alliance x Empire become one as Korean publisher aims to "better coordinate development"

TOKYO ― December 28, 2017 ― NEXON Co., Ltd. (3659.TO) ("Nexon"), a global leader in online games, today announced that it will combine its consolidated subsidiaries, the Korean developers NEXON RED Corp. ("Nexon RED") and NDOORS Corporation ("NDOORS").

NDOORS has developed a strong roster of PC online games including Luminary : Rise of the GoonZu and Atlantica. The company is also a proven mobile game developer with its popular mobile 3DMMORPG Legion of Heroes, which launched in 2014.

Nexon RED has driven mobile game development within Nexon Group. To date, the Nexon RED team has developed the hit mobile MMORPG AxE, launched in September 2017 in Korea, as well as the mobile FPS games Special Soldier and Point Blank: Strike, and the mobile SRPG Fantasy War Tactics R.

The combination of these two companies will enable Nexon to consolidate and better coordinate its development capability, leading to even better mobile games. It will also enable more efficient management through the teams' collaboration on operations and new game development.

Kim Dae Hwon, Chief Executive Officer of Nexon RED, said, "NDOORS is a company with extraordinary expertise in game development, and our team at Nexon RED has similarly delivered a number of highly popular PC online and mobile games in our more than 10 years in business. I am confident that, by having Nexon RED and NDOORS cooperate with each other in various areas, we will be able to develop even stronger titles, with more efficient and robust live games operations."

Kim Dae Hwon has been concurrently serving as NDOORS' General Director of Development since April, 2017.

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