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Newzoo Games Market Report

A look at gamers' spending power in US and European markets.

[Embargoed until 8am, Monday 10th May 2010]

Amsterdam, 10 May 2010 – Consumer spending data from the Newzoo Games Market Report reveals the size of second-hand trade, as well as insight into the variety of new online revenue streams, including subscriptions, virtual currency, micro-transactions and digital distribution. In the US this makes up 46% of all money spent on games by consumers aged 8 years and up, leaving 54% for “traditional” retail (online and high-street) new boxed products. In the EU, retail still holds a stronger position ranging from 59% (Belgium), 62% (Germany), 64% (UK), 69% (Netherlands) to as high as 78% (France).

Total consumer spending and number of players

The total number of players and the number of people actually paying to play differs enormously per platform and country, from 12% in the Netherlands for mobile devices to 74% in Belgium for consoles. The Report shows number of players versus number of payers and the average budget spent per person per month for each platform.

Newzoo Games Market Report and Free Summary

The Newzoo Games Market Report provides insight into revenues on all key platforms (consoles, PC, MMOs, online (casual) portals, mobile devices) and business models in USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. The data in this report is based on in-depth analysis of the landmark 2009 “Today’s Gamers” survey data, initiated by Newzoo in co-operation with TNS as well as a benchmark with a variety of other market data sources. It is set up to be an affordable (299 euro) and practical market sizing tool with insights not previously available to the market. The Free Summary includes the revenue split per platform. Both the Summary and the Report can be acquired via

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