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Newest Version of Torque Game Builder is On Its Best Behaviors

Version 1.5 of the popular 2D game engine is now available for download from GarageGames.

For Immediate Release

Eugene, OR, July 16, 2007 -- GarageGames, the leading technology provider for independent game makers, announced the release of Torque Game Builder (TGB) version 1.5. The new release features the debut of the Behaviors system in TGB, as well as a host of other updates.

Behaviors are small bits of functionality that can be attached to a game object, defining how that object reacts to certain game events. Behaviors can be configured through the editor with minimal scripting and are modular, allowing the addition of many Behaviors to a single object, or the same Behavior to multiple objects. The TGB 1.5 download includes a new BehaviorPlayground project, which demonstrates Behaviors being used to create a simple Breakout-style game and model some common gametype controls.

"With Behaviors it is possible to create entire games without writing a single line of script or ever leaving the Torque Game Builder tool!" commented Justin DuJardin, Director of Tool Development. "This brings us that much closer to creating a true drag-and-drop game builder, while still retaining the power and flexibility of the engine."

In addition to Behaviors, the new release of TGB 1.5 introduces tick-based physics, better platform support, and several other usability updates and fixes. For more information regarding Torque Game Builder, please visit the TGB Landing Page.

About GarageGames

GarageGames is located in Eugene, Oregon and on the web at www.garagegames.com. As the makers of Torque Game Builder, Torque Game Engine, Torque Game Engine Advanced, and Torque X, they have been providing game development tools and technology at an affordable price since 2000. The Torque Game Engine was the original technology behind the Tribes series of games, and has been used since to develop countless games on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox 360, notable among which is GarageGames' own Marble Blast series of games.

If you have any questions or concerns please send an email to havefun@garagegames.com and we will be happy to get back to you.

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