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New Xbox 360 controller model confirmed

Matte grey finish and dual-function D-pad part of subtle changes

Xbox's Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) has confirmed rumours of a new model of Xbox 360 controller, citing the main improvement as a new D-pad which transforms from a directional controller to a single button when rotated 90 degrees.

The post on Hryb's blog details all of the new features of the controller, including a matte grey finish and all grey buttons.

The new dual-function D-pad is believed to be a response to a long-standing user issue with accuracy, especially in the light of games which require precise directional control from the D-pad, such as Street Fighter IV.

Previously, Microsoft had released an iteration of its 360 controller with an improved D-pad for use with Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer.

The controller will only be available as part of a package with the new plug and play charge kit, and will be priced at $64.99 (£42.39) when it's released in the US on 9 November. Hyrb suggested a February release for other territories, but offered no pricing details as yet.

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