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New Voice Buddy from eDimensional Brings the World’s First Truly Interactive Voice Control to Dozens of Hit PC Games

Voice Buddy Adds More Interactivity, More Realism and Better Game Play – It’s interactive Voice Control and Strategy Guide in One Amazing Application

(West Palm Beach, FL - November 25, 2004) eDimensional, the leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of cutting edge gaming and virtual reality accessories, announces the release of the new Voice Buddy interactive voice control - bringing an unsurpassed interactive experience to dozens of hit PC games currently on the market.

At just $49.95 for the starter edition including everything you need to voice control your first favorite game title and $9.95 for the relevant files to voice-enable each additional title, eDimensional's new Voice Buddy software instantly lets you take total control of your favorite game using simple, intuitive voice commands. No more fumbling for key combinations in the middle of a dogfight or melee and no more pausing to consult a strategy guide. With Voice Buddy, you call out the commands and the game instantly responds. With our powerful speech engine and proprietary control system, there's absolutely no tedious setup or training required! Just fire up Voice Buddy and start gaming more quickly, easily, and accurately and most of all, have more fun! Your Voice Buddy will be with you every step of the way, whether it's in the air, on the battlefield, or in the middle of an ancient world.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Pacific Fighters producer Fabrice Cambounet raves, "Voice Buddy instantly puts you in the middle of the action and every command conveniently under your voice control." In addition to allowing every key command to be controlled by voice, Voice Buddy comes with an interactive training system and strategy guide. Want to know how to perform an aircraft carrier landing with an F-14 or slay a monster dragon to advance to a new level? Just ask Voice Buddy and it will answer you immediately out loud.

"As gamers ourselves, we always try to anticipate the evolving needs of the gaming community, and then develop the appropriate high tech product to surpass that demand." explains eDimensional executive Michael Epstein. "With new Voice Buddy interactive voice control, we are offering a lot more to gamers - more interactivity, more efficient game play, easier learning curves and more fun, making Voice Buddy a must-have for today's expansive and intricate games. Just today I was talking trash to our staff in multiplayer UT2004 at a rapid-fire pace without having to take my hands off the primary control keys, all while feeling the explosions through my AudioFX headset - I want all gamers to experience those same high-intensity sensations."

The Voice Buddy starter kit comes pre-programmed with one game of your choice and dozens of additional titles are available with more being released weekly. Need a headset? Voice Buddy is available with the exclusive eDimensional AudioFX force feedback gaming headset at a great value. This headset has a noise-canceling microphone and LEDs that light up, but the most amazing part is the special built in sub-woofer that gives you the home theater experience inside your headset! Normally $50, this headset is available for just $30 when purchasing it with Voice Buddy.

Installation of Voice Buddy is a snap with no special hardware required other than a headset and no tedious setup or training like many inferior voice recognition applications. Simply install the proprietary software once, fire up your game, and be prepared to take control of most realistic and enjoyable gaming experience ever.

Voice Buddy is available now through

About eDimensional

eDimensional was founded in 2000 by a group of gamers at heart, dedicated to creating the most realistic gaming and entertainment experience ever. Thanks to fantastic customer feedback and swift success, eDimensional has grown rapidly and emerged as the leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of cutting-edge gaming accessories. eDimensional's flagship product, the E-D 3D Gaming System, was released to critical acclaim, and has since received an unprecedented number of awards and accolades for providing the most realistic PC viewing experience. For more information on eDimensional and its wide array of gaming accessories, go to

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