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New upgrade for the 'Sword of the Stars' gaming experience.

Leading Publisher Lighthouse Interactive and developer Kerberos Productions, today announced the release of a third patch for their benchmark 4X space strategy game for the PC, Sword of the Stars.

While already deep into the development of the upcoming Add-On for the game "Born of Blood", and with thanks to the contribution of the active community, developer Kerberos has delivered the latest patch, 1.2.2., which will add more updates, fixes and additions including the following highlights:


- Improved AI diplomatic reasoning

- Expanded AI tech research strategies.

- Various tweaks and changes to AI rebellion behaviour.

- numerous changes to AI Rebellion and its effect on gameplay.

- Improved combat ship manoeuvring.

- Adjustments to the Liir's movement


- All currently known bugs fixed.


- Chat between players in the game lobby and those playing is now possible.

- Numerous GUI additions

- New splash screens

- Weapon tool tip displays weapon arcs in combat view.

- Added news events.

A complete list of fixes and upgrades for the patch is available at the Lighthouse forum.

The following patches are available for several language versions:

sots-1.012.-1.2.2-cddvd-patch-install (patching an original English US/UKversion fresh install directly to v1.2.2.). Size: 31 MB. sots-1.1.0-1.2.2-cddvd-patch-install (patching an original German, French or Spanish version fresh install directly to v1.2.2.). Size: 29 MB. sots-1.2.1-1.2.2-cddvd-patch-install (patching any version already upgraded to v1.2.1.): Size: 17 MB.

Download the appropriate patch from our website.

Sword of the Stars was released in August 2006 in North-America and in September across Europe.

Owners of direct download versions of the game can acquire the patch through their DDL providers; more information can be found at their respective websites.

Further information on a Russian and Polish patch to follow via local distributors.

For more information about Sword of the Stars please visit: www.swordofthestars.com

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