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New Tortuga Trailer - Pirates and Krakens Ahoy!

Avast landlubbers, it's time to take a break from the dire monotony that is the workday and have a look at a fine new video from Tortuga: Two Treasues. This here video is filled to the brim with pirate glory - from swordfights with the local lawmen, to great sailing ships battling each other, and deadly sea creatures. Only the hardiest need apply when Tortuga: Two Treasures sets sail for retail in March 2007.

To unlock the pirate's chest and get a first-hand view of the video in all its glory, set sail for the official Web site at -

Note to editors - you can also download the video directly from

Tortuga - Two Treasures will have players setting sail as pirate captains in search of action, adventure and of course, treasure. The game tells the story of the young swashbuckler Thomas 'Hawk' Blythe, a pirate in the employ of the sinister Blackbeard. After Hawk is captured and betrayed, a dramatic battle for power, romance, treasure and truth commences beneath the Jolly Roger. Two Treasures features epic land and naval battles, featuring everything from sword fights to cannon-battles.

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