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New Spectrobes Sighted On The Nintendo DS


Before the planetary patrol officers had a chance to call for backup, Disney Interactive Studios released the second set of Spectrobes! You must unearth, rouse and nurture these prehistoric creatures on the Nintendo DS TM to save the universe from the villainous Krawl.

Disney Interactive Studios will be releasing details and images for sets of four Spectrobes creatures leading up to the game's availability on Tuesday, March 13.

Forms -- There are three forms for each Spectrobe based on their growth. Typically, Spectrobes are acquired by excavating them in fossil form and then awakening them into child form. From child, they are evolved into adult form and their final stage, which is called evolved.

Attributes -- Spectrobes are creatures of light, and light is often represented by red, green and blue. Corona is red, Aurora is green and Flash is blue. Each Spectrobe has only one of these attributes. The important thing is the power relationship between these:

Corona is strong against Aurora.

Aurora is strong against Flash.

Flash is strong against Corona.

Here are the profiles of the newly released Spectrobes:

Spiko has thick hair all over his body. However, it's actually softer than it looks. He uses the hammer attached to his tail to bust open rocks when searching for minerals.

Form: Child

Attribute: Aurora

Length (feet): 2.9

Weight (lbs): 37

Segulos is a defensive Spectrobe. He has two large shoulder shields that he uses for protection during battle. He also uses them as weapons when he attacks enemies.

Form: Adult

Attribute: Aurora

Length (feet): 5.5

Weight (lbs): 352

Kugaster is a remote Spectrobe. His body is basically a fully-loaded flying firecracker. He's capable of wiping out entire groups of enemies. If he can see it, he can destroy it.

Form: Evolved

Attribute: Aurora

Length (feet): 7.2

Weight (lbs): 1080

Shakor is a fish-like Spectrobe who swims through the air. He combines his lightning speed and thunderous power to attack with his knife-like head.

Form: Adult

Attribute: Flash

Length (feet): 11.8

Weight (lbs): 815

About Spectrobes

Developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS TM by Jupiter Corporation in Kyoto, Spectrobes is the first video game based on original intellectual property to be created and published by Disney Interactive Studios.

A powerful and deadly force, the Krawl, threatens to destroy the galaxy, and the only hope for survival lays in the hands of sleeping, ancient beings named Spectrobes. The daunting task of awakening and training these powerful creatures has fallen on two Planetary Patrol officers, Rallen and Jeena. Helping the Spectrobes to evolve and become more powerful is essential to winning the epic battle against the Krawl, and saving the galaxy from destruction. Highly customizable elements and powers enable players to create unique Spectrobes to match their individual playing style. An artistic environment emulating the look and feel of Japanese manga and anime will immerse players in the valiant battle to save the galaxy.

Spectrobes will be available worldwide on March 13, 2007.


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