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New Speccy game full of 'bingo' action!


Boston, Lincs., UK - September 30th 2005 - Cronosoft's latest Spectrum game to feature exciting platform, puzzle and bingo elements.

ZX Spectrum fans can rejoice this Christmas as Cronosoft are to launch Loco Bingo (by Jonathan Cauldwell) for the festive season. This new game has traditional, tried and tested platform elements but includes exciting bingo action. Bingo has long been the favourite pastime of old aged pensioners everywhere, and Cronosoft are delighted to bring this thrilling game to Speccy fans the world over.

As Simon Ullyatt of Cronosoft explains, "In Loco Bingo, you control a train that has amazing abilities. This little chuffer is light and agile enough to jump around the platforms, and strong enough to physically move the numbered carts around each level. At the top of the screen is a 'bingo card' that has the numbers that the player must be deposited at the bottom of the screen. Once you've got every number, it's on to the next level." It sounds simple, but for one complication, as Ullyatt points out, "If two numbered carts hit each other, both numbers are added together and a new number between one and 90 is then shown. This adds further puzzle elements to an already good game. Mental arithmetic has never been so much fun!"

Loco Bingo is due for release at the end of November 2005. For further details, visit

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